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The world is changing and the green transition is underway. The renewable energy sector alone could account for 38 million jobs by 2030 and 43 million by 2050 according to IRENA. It’s more important than ever in this decisive decade for our future generation of business leaders to be aware of industries’ impact on the environment and how we can harness the power of technology to reduce human impact. Green technologies play a vital role in shifting world nations towards a sustainable economy and providing alternative solutions to the way we live – for a cleaner planet and healthier lives. Your internship will provide you with opportunities to work on projects relating to solar energy, electric vehicles, and more.

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Key Projects on an Internship in Green Technology and Sustainability

★ Research and Analysis Intern
Conduct key research in the field and prepare information for publication. This will involve monitoring policy and media developments.
★ Market Research Intern
Help build the company’s business model and create ideas on how to develop/market green products.
★ Project Management Intern
Analyze the current market and develop a report on your findings to help the company best direct their efforts for the next 12 months.

Key Skills You’ll Learn on

Your Green Technology and Sustainability Internship

Climate leadership is in high demand, now more than ever. Leaders who understand the profitability of green technology and sustainability and who can engage others in the corporate world, government, and the public to take climate action and be accountable.
Intercultural Skills
Working in green technology, you’ll need to be thinking globally – which is why in one of our Green Tech and Sustainability internships, you’ll learn how to manage cross-cultural stakeholders and have an awareness of how your technological solutions might apply to different segments of the population.
Green technology is changing daily and the ability to translate complex technologies from complex jargon-filled language to more accessible explanations or concepts to have strong buy-in to a wider audience will be key.

Did you know?

1 in 4 interns

 are offered a position at the end of their internship by their host company

* End of program feedback data, April 2022


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