Remote Health, Wellness and Sports Management Internships

Springboard Your Career in the World of Wellness and Sports Management

A career in the health and wellness arena means you will have opportunities to help people improve their lives. From overcoming health issues to leading more active lifestyles, to recreational activity enjoyment, mental well-being, and more, interns can expect to gain exposure to industry insights, project cycles, and timelines, and day-to-day challenges that companies in this industry face.

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Key Projects on Internships in

Health, Wellness & Sports Management

★ Events Promotion Internship
You’ll help design online newsletters and promotional materials to raise awareness of upcoming events as well as the company’s products and services.
★ Marketing Strategy Internship
You’ll work with the marketing team to develop a robust social media strategy for the sports club.
★ Marketing and Promotion Internship
In this remote internship you’ll design online promotional materials to raise awareness of the company’s products and/or services as well as create online content to use on the website and sports apps, such as video tutorials and more.

Key Skills You’ll Learn on

Your Health, Wellness and Sports Management Internship

Strong oral communication and customer service skills are highly necessary skills for working in the external-facing careers related to health, wellness and sports management.
Interpersonal Skills
In order to deliver your services, support or products to your customers and clients, you will need to manage a range of different stakeholders and have the interpersonal skills to communicate effectively.
Intercultural Skills
Health and wellness is for everyone, globally. Therefore you will need the skills and knowledge to be able to navigate multiple perspectives and cultures sensitively when offering your support services.

Did you know?

1 in 4 interns

 are offered a position at the end of their internship by their host company

* End of program feedback data, April 2022


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