Remote Engineering Internships

Mechanical Engineering Internships That Will Launch Your Career

A remote engineering internship offers you the chance to gain customized, real-world experience in a global company that will give you the edge you need in a field as competitive as engineering. From mechanical engineering internships to software internships, we have innovative companies around the world looking to fill specific roles, projects, and responsibilities that align with your career goals.

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Key Projects on a Remote Engineering Internship

Not only will you be able to put your theoretic and academic knowledge into practice in a global work environment on your enginerring internship, but you’ll also gain key employability skills that will help you succeed in your career.

★ 3D Modelling Intern

On this engineering internship, you’ll play a key role in the prototyping phase to help build 3D models on computer software.

★ Structural Engineering Intern

On this structual engineering internship, you’ll work with a team to conduct stress analysis using computer software to test the structual intergrity of products, machines, and more.

★ Procedural Modelling Intern

This remote enginerring internship takes you down the path of using several different coding languages to assist with procedural modelling, analysis and planning.

Key Skills You’ll Gain On

a Remote Engineering Internship

CAD, Modelling & Prototyping
Being able to bring a product or development to life through modelling is a key skill anyone thinking about a career in engineering needs. Many of our remote engineering internships are aimed towards helping you develop these skills.

Problem Solving & Data Analysis

Being able to work with large data sets and use them as support for your proposed solution is a key skill all engineers need. Regardless of your speciality, a career in engineering will mean you encounter problems to overcome daily, and you need to identify problems, find solutions, and deliver outcomes – all crucial skills you’ll develop on a remote engineering internship.


Creating new systems, solutions, and innovations require thinking outside of the box and delivering creative problem-solving, suggestions, and solutions, all of which you can gain insight into on a remote engineering internship.

Did you know?

1 in 4 interns

 are offered a position at the end of their internship by their host company

* End of program feedback data, April 2022


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