Remote Recruitment and HR Internships

Learn The Ropes of Recruitment and HR with a Remote Internship

Every country has a different way of approaching HR and Recruitment, with varying policies and practices. This makes a virtual internship an excellent opportunity for learning the in-country standards and protocols if you want a career in this field. You could assist with job postings, candidate recruitment and hiring, learning and development programs, and much more. You’ll have the option of interning with a wide range of companies, including; recruitment firms, consulting firms, or HR departments within established companies serving a wide range of industries.

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Key Projects on Internships in Recruitment and HR

★ Data Entry Intern
Interns will input data to the HR system and conduct data audits to inform strategy
★ Recruitment Intern
Whether it’s screening potential employees’ CVs and cover letters or cold-calling potential applicants, Recruitment Interns will get hands-on experience of what it takes to facilitate elements of the hiring process in an agency.
★ Learning and Development Intern
Interns will learn the functions and processes of a busy HR department from health and safety procedures, pay and timekeeping, leave policies, to anti-harassment policies – all put in place in businesses for employers to best manage their employees.

Key Skills You’ll Learn on

Your Recruitment and HR Internship

In the world of recruitment, supporting multiple candidates, hiring managers and committees requires a group effort and high-level teamwork. You will need to learn to develop and hone the skills necessary to work in a team environment effectively to best serve your team, your clients, and your applicants.
All recruiters are trying to complete the puzzle of how to attract and retain the right candidate that meets the needs of the hiring manager. This may require unpacking key issues and creating key solutions. Navigating employee complaints and concerns is also a large part of the role.
Digital fluency
Most administrative and HR tasks are supported by Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) or payment tracking systems as well as basic Excel spreadsheets. Understanding how to navigate database systems, platforms, and software and quickly learn new processes will be key.

Did you know?

1 in 4 interns

 are offered a position at the end of their internship by their host company

* End of program feedback data, April 2022


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