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Hire the UK’s best Front-End Development, UI/UX, and Product Management interns. Join our mission to empower young professionals and shape the future of web development.

Remote computer science internships

Transform Your Team with Work-Ready Tech Graduates

Novice programmers, digital designers, and junior developers who have completed a 16-week live online bootcamp.

Host Company Benefits

Host Company Benefits

Highly Skilled Graduates

Interns are graduates of a rigorous Front-End Skills Bootcamp, where they have honed their expertise in HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, React.js, Node, and more.

Diverse Talent Pool

The interns bring diverse backgrounds and a passion for web development, ensuring a perfect match for your company’s needs.

Flexible Internship Program

Our Virtual Internships program seamlessly follows an online bootcamp, providing a practical and hands-on experience for interns.

Increased Productivity

Delegate tasks and projects to work-ready interns, boosting your team’s productivity and allowing your full-time employees to focus on strategic initiatives.

Fresh Perspectives

Infuse your team with fresh perspectives and innovative ideas by welcoming interns who bring diverse training backgrounds and a hunger for learning.

Cost-Effective Solution

Hosting interns provides a cost-effective solution for acquiring talented individuals, allowing you to tap into top talent without straining your budget.

Enhance Employer Brand

Strengthen your employer brand and attract top candidates by investing in the professional development of emerging talent.

Bridge Academia and Industry

Contribute to the growth of a skilled workforce by providing practical experience to interns.

Full Support Along the Way

  • Tailored Intern Matching
  • Ready-made Project Plans
  • Flexible Internship Duration
  • Constant Expert Support
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Access Top Talent


Who are the interns?

The  interns are individuals who have completed a 16-week program and are seeking remote work experience in UI/UX, Front End Development, and Technical Project Management/Product Management. They are British and aged between 18 and 40, bringing a diverse range of skills and experiences to the table.

Otherwise, Virtual Internships attracts a diverse pool of talented interns from various academic backgrounds and levels of experience. While some interns may have previous work experience, others may be seeking their first professional opportunity. We assess the skills and qualifications of each intern during our selection process to ensure they possess work-ready skills relevant to your specific project or role. Moreover, we prioritize English proficiency, and all our interns are required to have a good command of the English language to effectively communicate and contribute to your organization.


Do I have to pay to host a remote intern?

No, there is no fee associated with hosting virtual interns through our platform. Virtual Internships offers our services free of charge to host companies. We believe in providing accessible opportunities for both companies and interns, allowing you to benefit from the talents and skills of our diverse pool of virtual interns without any financial obligations. It’s important to note that any payments such as salary or stipends are at the discretion of the host company.

Many host companies have had positive experiences with our interns and have gone on to offer them further opportunities beyond their internship. We encourage host companies to recognize the potential of their interns and explore the possibility of extending employment or providing recommendations for future career prospects. Our virtual internships serve as a valuable stepping stone for interns to gain practical experience and build their professional network, often leading to exciting opportunities for career advancement.

How does the matching process work? Can I see and choose interns?

Our matching process is designed to find the best fit for your company’s needs. After you register as a host company, we will provide you with a curated selection of recommended interns based on their skills, qualifications, and interests. You will have the opportunity to review their profiles, including their resumes, academic backgrounds, and any additional materials they have submitted. You can also conduct interviews with the candidates to ensure a good fit for your organization. Ultimately, the choice is yours, and you have the flexibility to select the intern who best aligns with your requirements.

Can I set my own projects?

Absolutely. As a host company, you have the flexibility to create and set your own projects according to your specific needs. While the groups’ specialisms provide an indication of projects/tasks that may require less ramp time for training, you have the freedom to define the scope and objectives of the projects.

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