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The future of work is now

As universities and employers adapt to a global and virtual workplace, many are tackling new and unforeseen challenges. Universities are adapting to prepare students to meet employer expectations post-graduation, and employers seek to adapt their support of remote internships and recruitment to best improve their talent pipeline. 

To tackle the challenge of virtual work and internships, Virtual Internships Consulting (VIC) adopts a ten point plan based on years of experience, which incorporates the following:

  • Support on global recruitment of interns
  • Recommendations for video interviewing process with grading system
  • Coordinated matching process between intern and company/project
  • Selection of comprehensive project plans specifically suited to remote work
  • Access to online career skills curriculum (accredited)
  • Virtual onboarding process including template contractual Agreement with andi digital harassment clauses
  • Introduction to external technology platforms most suitable for virtual interaction
  • Optimized timeframe of scheduled meetings and supervisor call guide
  • Recommendations for ongoing assessment, feedback and reports
  • Templates for final evaluation and review with reference and microcredential given.

A consultancy package incorporating the VIC ten point plan and includes 5 hours of training for implementation:

  • Company of less than 50 – $1995
  • Company of more than 50 – $2995

As an additional bonus, going through our VIC Program allows your company to become an accredited host company,  giving you access our top interns on our Virtual Internships Program. 

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