Perfect Your Internship Program by Partnering with Virtual Internships

We partner with corporations of all sizes to implement and run the best remote internship programs. By working with us on the running of your internship program you free up your team, reduce costs and provide best-in-class programming. We provide you with the best:

  • Intern recruitment pipeline including partnerships with specific universities, regions or diversity targets
  • Interviewing, assessment and selection
  • Security screening and confidentiality
  • Program design, working inline with your desired success metrics
  • Mentoring, feedback and improving self awareness
  • Identification of high performing interns within your program
  • Program wrap-up, assessment and certification
  • Branding, media coverage and continuity planning


Tangible results you should expect from working with us:

  • Reduce your workload and staffing requirements
  • Strengthen and diversify your talent pipeline
  • Get more recognition for your innovation and best-in-class internship programming


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