Which Program Is Right For Me?

Our Mission

Virtual Internships goal is to ensure that world events do not stop access to quality professional development and internship opportunities for high school and university students throughout the world. Together we seek to create a connected and dynamic labour market that facilitates cultural exchange and strengthens the professional development of young global talent.

In participating in Virtual Internships program you are accessing a structured and supportive program founded in:

Expertise and Experience

with over a decade of internship support along with years of virtual training and delivery.

Guided Learning

through our online curriculum, live and recorded events, and individualized touchpoints, Virtual Internships has scaffolded the student experience to ensure that learning outcomes are met and professional skills are developed or amplified.

Career Exploration

regardless of the program type, our internships are grounded in giving students the experience, knowledge, and insight to take control of their career management and plan for future successes.

Virtual Internships is able to support students ages 14+ participate on a remote internship program through our two distinct programs, Virtual Internships Foundations for high school students and Virtual Internships Standard for university students and beyond.

Choosing the Right Program for you

Virtual Internships encourages you to explore our dynamic content on this site exploring Virtual Internships Foundations our high school program as well as Virtual Internships Standard our universities program and have given a brief comparison below.

VI Foundations

Foundations is our High School virtual internship program allowing students to work in groups of 4 to complete business and marketing projects for real global host companies supported by an Internship Facilitator giving group and individualized guidance. Our program is project-based and work with companies that are trained and ready to support high school students.

VI Standard

 Virtual Internships is a structured program allowing university students to receive a guaranteed internship placement working 20 – 30 hours weekly across 1, 2, or 3 months. Our internships are project-based and with companies across the globe that are carefully vetted and trained to work with international students.

Student Profile

VI Foundations

 The Foundations program is perfect for students in high school (9th – 12th grade) and seeking opportunities to start building their resume while furthering their exploration of future career pathways.

VI Standard

Virtual Internships program is ideal for students 18+ with some work experience looking to gain professional experience and increased transferable skills for future employability.


VI Foundations
All students completing our Foundations program will walk away with an Employability Foundations Certificate as well as a portfolio of completed projects to showcase on their university application. All students will be exposed to unique career paths and skills to increase their insight when making future career management decisions.
VI Standard

All students completing a virtual internship program will walk away with a Global Employability Certificate and Global Career Management Plan completed during their career coaching call. Our programs are grounded in NACE career readiness competencies, and students will walk away able to articulate their transferable skills while identifying key project examples from their past internship to apply to their resume/CV, interviews, and future employment opportunities.


VI Foundations
All programs are a set 4 weeks with students dedicating 15-18 hours weekly.
VI Standard

Program can be 4, 8, or 12 weeks with students dedicating 20-30 hours weekly.


VI Foundations
Majority of the program is delivered synchronously, with live classes, team meetings and supervision. Scheduling is aligned with 12:00pm – 4:00pm Eastern time daily.
VI Standard

Majority of the program is delivered asynchronously with interns navigating their own schedule and aligning it to their host companies schedule. Work and meetings will exist outside the standard 9-5.

Start Dates

VI Foundations

The next Foundations Program Start-date will be Monday January 3rd 2022. For further information and other intakes please check here.

VI Standard

Virtual Internships Standard has rolling start dates every other monday and requires confirmation of participation 6 weeks in advance Check live dates here.

Program Fee

VI Foundations

The Virtual Internship Foundations Program is priced at $995 USD. Virtual Internships has set the program fee to be accessible as possible, despite Foundations requiring increased support, tuition and curriculum.

VI Standard

Our Virtual Internships Program is a set $1495 USD price regardless of duration. Virtual Internships acknowledges that the longer the internship the experience the better and did not want financial accessibility to limit program duration for students. Furthermore, our key deliverables of coaching calls, online curriculum, and guaranteed internship placement remain constant across durations making the duration price differences negligible.