Foundations Program FAQS

Have questions? We have the answers!

Virtual Internships has compiled a set of frequently asked questions about our Virtual Internships Foundations Program. These questions address both student and parent driven concerns and hope to fully unpack any inquiries about our programming.

If you still have a question, reach out to and we would be happy to respond as soon as possible.


I am a freshman in high school, can I participate?

Our program was designed to meet the needs of any student in 9th – 12th grade and we would love to welcome freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors on our Foundations programs. We are able to meet the needs of all students through creating a structured program, with custom group placements that match student skills and experiences to make the right fit for you. 


Do I need to be in a specific timezone to participate?

Unlike our standard internship program which has more asynchronous programming that is completed individually, our Foundations program is grounded in teamwork as well as attending live events as a cohort. This means that while you don’t have to be in a specific timezone, only those living in the North and South America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East can participate on the program with all live events occuring at 12:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. We do want to create this as a global opportunity for all students and if you live outside those timezones we would be happy to discuss custom steps we can take to ensure you have access to this great opportunity. Furthermore if multiple students from one region do apply we are able to create an entire cohort (16 students) in a timezone within Asia or Oceania. 


I want to complete the internship with my friend, can we be put in the same team?

Our Foundations teams are carefully selected based on experience, skills and interest.  As such we would prefer for all students to be open to their team assignments to ensure that everyone is best placed in the team that will deliver the strongest project deliverables and work in unity together. Should you want to request working with a friend we can consider this on a case-by-case basis.


Are these paid internships?

Our aim is to provide high quality placements that will provide our participants with real responsibility and develop transferable skills for future employment. We do not want to forgo potentially high quality placements by narrowing our search just for paid placements.


When is the application deadline?

We accept applications on a rolling basis and will let you know your outcome within 4 business days. All students must formally confirm their acceptance on the program by paying their program fee by at least 2 weeks prior to the internship start date.


What is the program fee?

Please see our Foundations Dates & Prices page


Do I need previous work experience?

Our Virtual Internships Foundations program was created to give all high school students the opportunity to begin their career exploration journey while building work experience and a professional network. To join the program you will not need previous work experience as our program is structured to provide you all the support you need during the program, and will help you create your resume post-program to set you on the path to future internships and work experience. 


Do I need to provide a high school transcript?

You will not need a high school transcript to participate in the program. To enroll and participate in the VI Foundations program you will need to complete the full application including the virtual video application. You will also need to gain permission from your parents to apply and complete the application.

Application and Program Selection Process

I don’t know what career group to choose, how should I pick?

This can be a tough decision if you are just beginning your career exploration but it’s very important to remember you can make no wrong decision. During your career exploration you will discover many different interests and skills you will want to explore and engage with more. Just as importantly you will also discover career groups and industries that are not your ideal fit, and that is great as well, as it will help narrow down what you are looking for. 


I wanted to complete the career group only offered on the May program but cannot start until June, what should I do?

While we would love to offer all career groups for both start dates we do want to create full cohorts so that we have strong teams as well as classroom interaction and engagement. Remember that the foundation of all five career groups is business, marketing, and administration skills while allowing you to explore various industries. While it ultimately may not be your first choice it will still be a beneficial choice that you can apply to your resume and future career management. 


I am 18 and in my final year of high school, should I do the Foundations Program or standard Virtual Internship Program?

If still in high school the program best suited for you will be the VI Foundations program regardless of your age. If you have had multiple work experiences or internships in the past you might have the right past experience to apply to our standard internship. Take a moment to reflect where you are on the career journey and what to expect. 


What is a Program Experience Manager (PEM)?

A program experience manager is your assigned Virtual Internship contact and support to guide you throughout the entire internship. You can reach out to your PEM at any time should you have application concerns or during your program.


When will I hear back from my application?

After completing your virtual video application you can expect to receive a formal answer within 4 business days. 


How does the selection process work?

Our candidate selection process follows a set rubric of criteria that takes into account motivation, skills, professionalism, and communication. We ask that all students adhere to the application procedure, show professionalism and strong communication during the virtual video application, and polite communication with internal communication, which will lead to successful outcomes during your application process.

What is an Internship Facilitator?

An Internship Facilitator is essentially the assigned teacher to the entire program and is in charge of delivering all live coursework, to assist with the online curriculum, and to meet weekly with each team to ensure that all participants are moving forward positively. Any team can connect with their internship facilitator during the week for support in completing their projects. 

Why is the internship completed in groups?

Our Foundations program was designed to give students in high school a foundation of professional experience. We have found that this experience is better when structured and supported with a curriculum as well as in a group where students together can support each other. Our group structure is designed to ensure that our host companies are able to best support the students and conversely that students are best supported by their team.

What kind of company will I work with?

Virtual Internships work with a range of Start-ups, Small Medium Enterprises, as well as large corporations. Companies are selected based on the career group they align with as well as their ability to offer strong mentorship and support to their interns.

Can I choose my hours?

The Virtual Internships Foundation program does have some flexibility with hours although it does require some set work. This set schedule includes Mondays where all curriculum needs to be completed and the live one hour course must be attended. Throughout the rest of the week you will have 1-3 other set meetings that you must attend as well. Outside of these meetings you will be able to work with your teammates to set a schedule that works for all of you. Ideally it will be during the day, most likely 12:00 – 5:00 pm EST.

What type of work will I be doing on my internship?

Within the Virtual Internships Foundations program we have a structured set of projects, tasks, and work that you will be completing. This work is all within business and marketing skills and will require a large level of research and teamwork. The project plan is explained here and a full curriculum and plan will be shared with you 1 week prior to the start date.

What if I need to take a day off from the internship?

As with all jobs this program can allow for sick days as well as time off. For both do ensure that you are very clear about your communication and let your team and internship facilitator know your plan to take a day off as soon as possible. If unable to work during the week you may have to work outside the traditional hours to ensure your teammates are fully supported.

Will I get a certificate of completion?

All interns will receive a Global Employability Certificate for completing the program.

Will my supervisor provide me a letter of reference?

Reference letters are not guaranteed but we do encourage students to network with the supervisor, PEM and internship facilitator so should they need a reference they can ask for one directly.


Curriculum and Coursework
If this is an internship why am I completing a course?

Unlike a direct job, an internship is developed to create an opportunity to learn and build work skills. A key facet of the internship is the opportunity to learn and as such this experience needs to have a focused and complementing curriculum to ensure each student’s success.

How do I access my curriculum?

Students will gain access to CareerBridge, our online curriculum once formally accepted and confirmed on the program. If you are having trouble accessing CareerBridge please reach out to your program experience manager. 

Will I get credit for completing the course?

At this time we do not have credit options for the high school program.






Parent Questions

How is health and safety addressed on the program?

Health and safety is just as important in person as with a virtual experience. Please review our health and safety webpage for more information.


How will you handle the confidentiality of my student’s records?

Virtual Internships has a set confidentiality policy that has been developed with legal expertise in internship programming and remote work, and ensures the most appropriate and transparent protection for our participants and staff. If you are a student, parent, university or organization that would like to review our confidentiality policy please email or your Virtual Internships contact directly and we would be happy to provide.


How will you ensure my student is completing the weekly assignments?

All students will have weekly touchpoints with their teams, internship facilitator, supervisor, and program experience manager. Should any issues arise the PEM will immediately reach out with any concerns.


Who should I reach out to if my student is having problems during the internship?

If you or your student is having any issues please reach out to your assigned Program Experience Manager.


What updates will I get while my student is on the program?

All participants and parents will receive an update email at week two and four of the program. Should you require additional touchpoints please let your Program Experience Manager know and we will add additional communications.


What is the program fee and how do I pay it?

Please see our Foundations Dates & Prices page