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Choose your focus

Step One: Choose a Focus

We have created two focuses for you to choose from to ensure that your needs and professional goals are met and you have guaranteed placement in a country or career field of your choice.

How it works path

Track 1
International Focus

By selecting the International Focus Track, we guarantee you an online international internship in the country of your choice.

Because we guarantee you the country of your choice, we request that you select 3 Career Fields ranking them from 1-3. During the placement process, we will attempt to get you a placement in your first choice and move to the second only after all options are exhausted.

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Why Choose the International Focus?

An international focus is ideal if you would like to work in the country after graduation or have been studying the country’s language and culture and would like to expand those skills and understanding.

This option is perfect for anyone focused on building networks and experience in a specific country.

Track 2
Career Field Focus

By selecting the Career Field Focus Track, we guarantee you an Online International Internship in the career field of your choice, allowing you to select from over 18 different identified Career Fields.

Because we guarantee you the career field of your choice, we request that you select 3 countries ranking them from 1-3. During the placement process, we will attempt to get you a placement in your first choice country and move to the second only after all options are exhausted.

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Why Choose the Career Field Focus?

If you have a clear vision of the professional skills and experience you would like to gain but are not committed to working in one specific country then exploring the Career Field track is for you.

This option is perfect for anyone wanting global experiences throughout the world but has a focused career goal.

Submit an Application

Step Two: Complete the Initial Application

The Virtual International Internship Program application process is done in two parts. The general application is followed by the virtual video application. The initial general application will ask you to identify a few key details including:

1. Preferred Start Date: Our online international internship programs start every other Monday on a rolling basis. We ask that applicants select a start date at least 6 weeks in advance of their chosen start date. You can find a full list of program start dates on our Dates & Prices page.

2.Focus and corresponding career field or country preferences.

3.Requested program duration and weekly hours worked: 

To meet university internship requirements, we recommend a minimum of 120 hours of internship work. This could translate to a 4-week internship at 30 hours per week, an 8-week internship at 20 hours per week, or a 16-week internship at 10 hours per week. 

In addition to this, any student selecting a 1-month internship duration would need to commit to 30 hours of work per week in order to meet the standard 120 hours minimum.

The following duration & weekly hours combinations would be suitable options that could support many university internship requirements:

1 Month duration – 30 hours per week

2 Months duration – 20 or 30 hours per week

3 Months duration – 10, 20, or 30 hours per week

4 Months duration – 10 hours per week

Record your video application

Step Three: Complete the Virtual Video Application

After completing the initial application you will be invited to complete our virtual video application. 

 We chose a video application because virtual communication is the main component of a remote internship. The ability to feel comfortable presenting on screen will be crucial for your position. 

 Completing the recorded responses will only take 10-15 minutes. All video footage may be shown to prospective host companies during the matching process.

Virtual video application questions:

  1. Why are you interested in completing a virtual internship?
  2. Why have you chosen your specific focus; either Career Field or International?
  3. What challenges do you expect to encounter and overcome during your virtual internship?
  4. How have you successfully worked in a team before?
  5. What skills and experiences do you bring to the table and how will you apply them to your internship?
Await Your Official Offer

Step Four: Await Your Official Offer

All completed virtual video applications will be reviewed within two business days after being submitted. The successful applicant will receive an official offer letter via email. The official offer letter will confirm your program details and should you have any additional questions allow you to schedule a call with a program experience manager.

Confirm your acceptance

Step Five: Confirm Your Acceptance

Any student wishing to formally accept their internship offer will need to confirm their acceptance of the official offer no later than 6 weeks prior to the start date. Acceptance is confirmed once you have paid your acceptance fee. The final payment is owed once you have officially accepted a placement offer from one of our dynamic host companies.