1, 2, 3, or 4 month Guaranteed Remote Internship Placement

Our virtual international internship program guarantees you a 10-20-30 hour a week internship placement in the country or career field of your choice. All internships require a minimum of 120 hours of work to meet academic requirements and are project-based with a clear plan from the start to ensure you have enough work to complete each week.

Academic Credit
Our programs are designed to meet the requirements of our School of Record, Saint Peter’s University to offer students the opportunity to gain a transcript with 3, 6, or 9 transfer credits for their internship. We also work with individual students and universities to identify the best method for a student to gain academic credit and can support by providing job descriptions, participation confirmation letters, and a supervisor evaluation.
Project-Based Work

Virtual Internships requires all host companies to provide clear project-based work descriptions that plan far beyond the first week to ensure that there is a clear work plan and that the remote intern is always engaged. Through completing these projects students will have great experience to add to your resume/CVand despite the remote nature of your work they will have also gained a network of professionals that can help explore their future career management.

Creating a Sense of Community Remotely

Completing a remote internship presents a risk of feeling isolated or disconnected, and therefore Virtual Internships has created multiple touchpoints to connect fellow remote interns and build a community. These opportunities exist from the first day the intern accepts until well after they have completed their internship.

Weekly Google Hangouts

All students will be able to join a weekly google hangout discussion where the moderator will ask guided group discussions as well as open the floor to any inquiries or concerns. These discussions will allow students to feel connected to a cohort as well as always have a place to connect directly every week.

Bi-weekly Business Webinars

All students either currently committed to the program, actively participating in their internship or a recent alumni will be invited to join our live bi-weekly webinars. Webinar topics can include: Bringing Initiative into the Workplace, Creating smart goals, Starting a Global Career, Global Networking at a Distance, and much more. Webinars will draw on external expertise and may feature guest speakers or moderators. 


360° Professional Development Support

Without support throughout the entire remote internship process there is a chance to lose engagement and miss opportunities for professional successes and to build a key network. Consequently, Virtual Internships has added additional professional development support to walk students through the entire internship program and leave them thinking and planning their future career management. 

Assigned Intern Experience Manager

Each student will be assigned an Intern Experience Manager (IEM) who will walk the student through the admissions, placement and internship process. Every Thursday, all students and host companies will receive an email check-in to see about project completion, general feedback and request for support. This will keep both students and host companies actively engaged throughout the process and able to work with their IEM directly should there be any concerns.  

Assigned Internship Coach

Outside of weekly check-ins with their IEM, all students will have an assigned internship coach schedule a midpoint check-in and final coaching. The final call will allow the student to reflect on the entire internship, unpack the supervisor evaluation as well as create a Global Career Management Plan.

Supported Supervisors and Host Companies

In the same method that our interns are supported to unpack best practices in remote work and international internships, all supervisors and host companies will receive guides and training on how to manage remote international interns.

Throughout their time hosting an intern Virtual Internships will actively check-in on all host companies and provide additional support should any issues arise. Upon the internship concluding, all supervisors will be given the opportunity to provide a supervisor evaluation for the intern.

All supervisors are required to check-in with their intern daily through email or chat and schedule one call or virtual meeting a week.

Employability and International Focused Guides
Access to CareerBridge

Our entire Virtual International Internship is supported by our award-winning professional development platform, CareerBridge, which contains our Global Internship Curriculum that provides an intern with key professional skills needed in any workplace scenario. The curriculum covers the entire internship with courses such as creating a resume/CV, professional communication, project management, networking and much more.