The Foundations Program

Internships for High School Students

It’s never too early to gain work experience. As a high school student, internships offer you the chance to ‘try on’ a career before you commit to a higher education path that takes you into that field or industry. What’s more, whilst interning remotely with global companies on key projects, you’ll gain experience that will boost your university/college application beyond your peers.

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What is a Vitual Internship?
The Virtual Internship Program is a chance to develop professionally, enrich your employability, and upskill yourself into a candidate that few universities/colleges or employers can say no to. You’ll gain key skills, real-world experience, and new connections through interning remotely in a global company. Virtual Internships for high school students are also commonly known as remote or online high school internships.

What's Included in the Foundations Program?
  • 4-week Virtual Internship working in teams of 4 students
  • Weekly group meetings with your assigned internship facilitator
  • Access to our online professional development courses
  • End-of-program portfolio highlighting the projects you have completed
  • Supervisor evaluation, program, evaluation, and certificate of completion

Choose From 4 Key Career Groups

We’ve identified four career groups that high allow students to explore a career pathway whilst gaining experience that will be applicable to a variety of fields. Regardless of the career group chosen, all students will complete business and marketing projects for their host company all whilst being supported by their supervisor and set curriculum.

★ Engineering and Computer Science

As one of the emerging top career trends, engineering and computer science internships for high school students enable you to understand how projects work within the field all whilst getting familiar with the terminology, processes, and different skills required.

★ Business and Finance

Business internships for high school students are highly sought after but can often under-deliver. That is not the case with this program that specifically focuses on equipping students with the entry-level knowledge of how businesses operate, down to their culture, structure, processes, and communications.

★ Marketing and Creative Industries

Regardless of which career group you choose, marketing will be fundamental part of your internship. If you’re looking to take it a step further and learn about the numerous disciplines that sit within marketing to help narrow down your future career pathway, our marketing internships for high school students offer the perfect gateway.

★ Social-Impact Companies & NGOs

Regardless of the future career path you see yourself on, choosing to make an impact through daily work with international organizations, charities, and NGOs will be well received by universities and future employers. This high school internship takes it a step further by giving you the foundations to pursue a career in this industry.

Alumni Testimonials

We know that hearing from people like you that have actually experienced these high school internships hits different. Here, our alumni share some of many benefits they found from completing their virtual internship in high school…

What Next?

We’re working on getting our next cohort of high school internships ready at the moment. Watch this space.