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Launch Your Career in Law with with a Remote Legal Internship

As a direct result of the burgeoning business and entrepreneurship scene, the need for domestic and international law has risen and increased the presence of global law firms. Our online law internships allow you the unique opportunity to work with individual lawyers and partners to support their key projects. For students in political science, criminal justice, and international relations looking to gain industry exposure, our public policy and law firm internships offer a brilliant path.

Our Interns Have Worked With Global Companies in Over 110 Countries


Key Skills You’ll Gain On A Remote Legal Internship

  • Legal Research & Analysis
  • Legal Document Drafting and Review
  • Oral and Written Communication
  • Due Diligence Activities
  • Account Management
  • Presentation

Did you know?

Over 70%

of our interns work directly with the founder or c-suite member of their host company*

*End of program feedback data, August 2022

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Types of Projects You Could Be Working On A Remote Legal Internship

  • Providing proofreading and fact-checking for legal documents
  • Assisting in legal research such as information collection, laws and regulations research, and case retrieval
  • Preparing, drafting, and formatting articles, reports, case studies, and letters

Key Transferable Skills You’ll Gain For Your Career in Law

Not only will you be able to put your academic knowledge into practice in a global work environment during your remote law firm internship, but you’ll also gain key employability skills that will help you succeed in your career.


Strong Work Ethic

Those who work in law typically support large scale projects that may seep outside of traditional 9-5 support. Key time management skills and a strong work ethic are essential.



The beauty of remote internships is that communication is key. For a successful legal career, oral and written communication that is concise, clear, and articulate is a key foundation.



The ability to display confidence is crucial as those who have careers in law seek to support clients and navigate their path through the legal system.

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How Our Remote Law Firm Internships Work



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