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Working in Media, Communications, & Publishing across the globe can require delivering fresh content across multiple outlets that meet the needs of a wide audience. Virtual interns supporting this career field can support the development of any type of medium including digital, print, video, photography and more, as well as supporting the editing and distribution of the content. Tasks may revolve around a specific piece and require research, content development, and more.

Career Field Skills You’ll Learn During Your Media, Communications, & Publishing Internship

  • Editing
  • Social Media Marketing – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc
  • Copywriting – Website, Blog, Marketing
  • Creative Design – Photoshop, Illustrator etc
  • Content Development

Example Projects

  • Proofread and gather research for publications and articles  
  • Assisting with post production pipeline (retrieving and editing footage; visual effects; audio)
  • Contribute to the development and creative process of feature film scripts

Key Transferable Skills Students will need Media, Communications, & Publishing careers


In this career field communication will be tested in all measures to include how you communicate through your developed content as well as how you communicate with your stakeholders to ensure their messaging needs are being met.


Being able to take a message and put your own spin or direction on it, or conversely meet the asks of your client/company will require a significant amount of creativity to deliver strong content each and every time.

Tolerance for Ambiguity

It’s not always a clear path forward when you are trying to manage communication across multiple platforms and to various target audiences. Being able to successfully manage your tasks despite ambiguity will allow you to deliver strong and well curated pieces.


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