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Pursuing an international internship in real estate can offer experience in many of the ways globalization has impacted the field to include supporting companies that provide relocation services to international employees as well as more localized companies looking at construction, property management, and the housing market. Our interns will be able to support creating and managing listings, delivering reports on various real estate markets and trends, developing proposals, and more will remotely support the real estate industry of another city or country.

Career Field Skills You’ll Learn During Your Real Estate Internship

  • Data management -listings, clients, etc
  • Financial analysis and forecasting
  • Business Development
  • Project Management
  • Research and reporting

Example Projects

  • Research and get quotes to meet with customer’s demand and maximize profits
  • Expand knowledge on the local commercial real estate market, researching property value in various parts of the city.

Key Transferable Skills Students will need Real Estate careers

Interpersonal Skills

A key part of real estate is enticing investors and new clients to invest in your offerings. Being able to understand and meet the needs of your future clients will require strong interpersonal skills.

Work Ethic

As many aspects of real estate flow back to business development it will be up to you as the individual to develop and maintain strong initiative and work ethic as you deliver on large projects and sales.

Intercultural Skills

In order to deliver projects that meet the needs of your clients, you will need to be able to unpack cultural differences and navigate multiple perspectives to find the best solution.

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