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Across the globe each country has taken a different approach to Recruitment and Human Resources (HR) which can make a virtual internship an amazing prospect to learn the in country standards and protocols while supporting the general themes of job postings, candidate recruitment and hiring, learning and development, and much more. The Recruitment and HR career field gives interns the opportunity to support a wide range of companies to include recruitment firms, consulting firms, or HR departments within established companies serving a wide range of industries.

Career Field Skills You’ll Learn During Your Recruitment & HR Internship

  • Applicant Tracking
  • Learning and development facilitation
  • Data entry and management
  • Hiring management
  • Recruitment

Example Projects

  • Screen potential employee’s CV and/or resume
  • Conduct cold-calling with potential employees
  • Conduct auditing and data entry to the HR system

Key Transferable Skills Students will need for Recruitment & HR careers


Supporting recruitment often is a group effort as you are supporting multiple candidates as well as multiple hiring managers or committees. As you learn to navigate these cohorts, the ability to work in a  team will become stronger


All recruiters are trying to complete the puzzle of how to attract and retain the right candidate that meets the needs of the hiring manager. This may require unpacking key issues and creating key solutions. Navigating employee complaints and concerns is also a large part of the role.

Digital Fluency

Most all administrative and HR tasks are supported by ATS or payment tracking systems as well as basic Excel spreadsheets. Understanding how to navigate database systems and to quickly learn new processes will be key.

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