Creating Institutional Partnerships to increase student EMPLOYABILITY

Employability is increasingly important for Universities in most regions of the world. We are able to work with universities in a variety of ways to make your students more employable. Please contact us to set up a meeting and find out the different ways we can work with you.

Some of our existing university partnerships…

Why work with Us?

Virtual Internships was founded in 2018 after recognizing that the future of work was at our doorstep, and more students across the world would need to prepare for remote work experience as well as create a network of virtual connections to succeed. VI has supported 2000+ students from 125+ universities in accessing remote internship experiences, with industry recognition that includes:




We find your students and graduates a great role based on their availability, requirements and career aspirations


With a wide range of roles and host companies available, we’re sure to find a great fit


We provide the intern with training materials and coaching so that they are fully prepared for their internship


We understand that many students can feel nervous, and so we minimise this with pre-program training



We are in regular contact with the student and the company to ensure a valuable experience for both parties


Real-world skills are improved throughout the program, setting them up for future employment



We and the company provide feedback, progress reports and a reference for the student that improves their employability


The company can decide whether or not to take the student on as a full-time employee

Meeting Student Needs Year-Round

Virtual Internships is a response to universities, employers, and students needing to meet the #futureofwork. Our programs were developed to support access to experiential learning and employment opportunities for all. Students can begin their internship year-round. For universities, we can work with you to support summer and semester programming.

Summer programming: Throughout the summer Virtual Internships supports university students seeking full-time internships. We also work directly with study abroad and career services offices to create set program dates and career fields that can align with your summer calendar and meet minimum hourly requirements for school credit.

Semester programming: Virtual Internships has had great success working with colleges to develop complementing internship courses students can complete alongside their university studies. Students are able to complete their internships while being guided by a professor and take advantage of one of Virtual Internships’ greatest assets: flexibility!

Creating Custom Partnerships

Our virtual internships let students select their host companies from a specific country or specific career field. They can also select a set start to allow for a  timeline that best supports a complementing course or facilitation.

Virtual Internships can also create custom virtual recruitment information sessions, orientation sessions, and university programming throughout the internship. These include webinars from university alumni and professors or virtual networking sessions with global alumni. 

One of our most successful custom components is group internships. Students can be paired into groups of 3-4 interns at one host company with a shared project. This ensures they are supported by not only Virtual Internships and their host company but their peers as well. This model can have a few variations including:

  • One permanent group leader
  • Assigning rotating group leaders
  • Unstructured groups
    Partnership Benefits

    Through partnering with Virtual Internships, universities receive additional benefits like:

    • A dedicated University Partnerships Manager that works with you to build custom programs and provide updates throughout the entire process
    • University partnership program discounts
    • Customizable programs to meet the needs of students and faculty.
    • An aligned curriculum and program inclusions to meet the identified learning objectives of a university.
    International Internships

    A key part of our virtual internships is access to a global network of host companies and the ability for students to increase their cross-cultural competence at a distance. All programming support has a strong focus on global employability and includes:

    • Placement in companies around the world.
    • Business webinars focused on global networking, international job searches, and much more.
    • And online curriculum focused on NACE career readiness competencies with a strong focus on global/intercultural fluency as we support students in understanding their global host companies’ needs.


      Want to find out more? Please get in touch. We will be happy to get you up and running, and start placing your students in internships.