As a high school student, you’re most likely at the beginning of planning what you want to do for the rest of your life. Whether it’s seeing where you want to go for college, what course you want to take, what your dream job may be like, or how much you’d like to make in the future, it’s no secret that figuring out what to do with your life can be quite confusing. Although many believe that it’s too early to think about life while still being in high school, we believe in the complete opposite. 


You see, being a high schooler is the perfect time to start considering the possibilities since you’re more aware of your skills. If you love math, then you can be an accountant or engineer. Alternatively, if you’re into science, biology, and chemistry, then being a doctor, nurse, or pharmacist is something you may consider. 


At present, you’re probably reading up on what it’s like to be in a specific industry or taking all the different personality tests to figure out the life path that is best suited for you. With all the research and “job-searching” you’re doing, however, you may have realized one thing at one point or another: you need to start looking for internship opportunities. 


A few tips on finding an internship as a high school student


Although it may seem like internships are off-limits to high school students since they’re a mandatory requirement for most college students, the truth is that it’s never too early to start looking. Seeing that the workplace is a classroom on a different level and teaches you other matters that you don’t necessarily learn in school, it’s easy to see how they’d make quality experiences for young aspiring professionals. 


If you want to try an internship that will allow you to grow and provide a better feel for what you could be doing in the future, here are a few tips that can help you with the search process: 


Tip #1: Ask around for vacancies


When it comes to finding internship opportunities as a high school student, it goes without saying that connections can help a ton. This is especially true if you’re keen on asking around as often as possible. 


To start things off, you can ask your family, friends, teachers, or any older adult you know about potential opportunities for a high schooler like yourself that best cater to your interests. It may not seem like much, but asking around can help with getting your foot in the door because having an adult help you out will make the process smoother than searching aimlessly. 


Conversely, you can also reach out to your high school guidance counselor because they most likely have a list of different organizations with internship vacancies for high schoolers!


Tip #2: Get your resume/CV and cover letter ready


If you want to impact a hiring manager or potential employer to bag an internship instantly, it’s worth noting that the resume and cover letter you present matter.


Seeing that cover letters and resumes can either make or break an outcome for even the most seasoned of professionals, high schoolers are no exception to this rule of thumb. Fortunately, if you aren’t sure about where to start with the process of drafting your resume and cover letter, Virtual Internships can help you get started! 



Regardless if you’re nearing your graduation or a long way away from it, being a high schooler doesn’t mean that you must miss out on the opportunity to get an internship as early as possible. Through the two tips mentioned above, you can easily ensure that you have all the necessary tools in the kit to get your dream internship opportunity without breaking a sweat!


At Virtual Internships, we provide remote internships and other critical opportunities concerning professional growth for those just getting into the working world, even high school students. Get in touch with us today to learn how you can get started!