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Provide Your Students the Guarantee Of an Unbeatable Advantage

The only platform that guarantees 100% of your students real-world work experience with companies in their chosen industry and region

Increase Student Employability

The Challenge

Choosing a university that enhances employability is critical for students, yet only 35% feel ready for the workforce*. Employers favor graduates with practical experience, but providing such opportunities at scale poses a significant challenge. It’s time to address this issue and equip students with the skills they need to succeed in the workforce.
*Source: Higher Education Policy Institute

The Answer?

Career Accelerator Program

by Virtual Internships
The no. 1 platform for universities and colleges to improve career readiness and increase student employability through experiential learning opportunities.

The Answer?

Career Accelerator Program by Virtual Internships
From day one, you will increase the number of student internship opportunities available by ten-fold.

Guaranteed Placement

100% of your students are guaranteed a project-based learning experience in their chosen career field, in less than six weeks.

Global Scale

Partnerships range from 10 to 100,000 students, ensuring scalability at any level.

Increase Student Employability

Students get work experience with trusted, global companies looking for diverse, ambitious talent.

Real-World Work Experience

Students collaborate in real professional environments across the globe.

Intelligent Matching

Considering nearly 400k data points from our host companies to connect your students with the best possible learning opportunities.

Time Efficient

Say goodbye to hours of tedious searching and let us help your students achieve their career development goals.

Results that Count

Increase your students’ employability with a platform customized to help them excel in the dynamic and highly competitive job market by providing the skills and expertise that employers demand through industry-led projects.


Project-Based Placements

Available Now and Growing


Guaranteed Placements

In All Career Fields

1 in 4


Offered Further Opportunities
Immediately Upon Completion

3 out of 4


Offer Academic Credit for Internships

Trusted by Top Universities Worldwide

Why Universities Love Virtual Internships

Increasing student employability and enhancing academic programs through remote internship opportunities – our global partners say it best…

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