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Guarantee Work Experience Opportunities to Bridge the
Global Skills Gap

The leading platform to address talent shortages and unemployment with skills development at scale

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Governments - Skills Development

The Challenge

Jobs of the future will require ever-evolving specialized skills, making upskilling and reskilling crucial. There is increasing pressure on governments to tackle labor shortages and unemployment rates that have risen as a result of the evolving job market. Governments must provide access to skills development programs that help workers thrive and access employment opportunities, doing so on a scalable basis.

The Solution?
Virtual Internships

Due to the changing landscape of the job market, our platform offers dedicated solutions for skills development and real-world work experience, proven to boost employability and work-ready skills in just weeks.

The Solution Virtual Internships

The leading platform to address talent shortages and unemployment with work experience opportunities at scale.

Talent Mobility

Offer cross-industry work experience opportunities to ensure career advancement and an agile workforce.

Diversify Economies

Offer work experience opportunities across industries, preparing individuals for future jobs in emerging fields.

Customizable Matching

Access the world’s largest and fastest- growing platform of opportunities, customized to your needs.

Global Scale

Every individual gains access regardless of their previous experience or location.


One month or less between registration and placement of individuals you put on our platform.

Boosts Employability

Individuals gain the experience, skills, and competencies employers area actively seeking.

Future Skills

Build confidence and prepare for future jobs through global work experience and skills development programs.

Opportunities for Upskilling, Regardless of Location

By partnering with Virtual Internships, governments and foundations take the proactive step toward building talent pipelines and strengthening their economies for a sustainable future.


Global Internships

Available Now and Growing


Days, Or Less

Between Registration and Placement

1 in 4


Offered Further Opportunities
Immediately Upon Completion

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Guarantee Work Experience Opportunities

Access Real-World Global Work Experience to Bridge the Skills Gap and Diversify Economies.