Global Employability Expert Series

Expert Insight & Analysis

Throughout their internship program, our Virtual Interns are invited to join us for our Global Employability Expert Series, a biweekly webinar focused on professional development, career pathways, and industry expertise. The series’ presenters are curated from all over the world and are chosen to speak on various topics providing tips and advice for future career success.

Meet our past and upcoming presenters below!

Upcoming Webinars

Brittany Oliver

Brittany Oliver | Exploring Unexpected Career Paths

Brittany is a Business Unit Manager at Zuru Toys. In her webinar, she’ll share with you what it was like to turn down a “safe” graduate role in New Zealand with EY and instead decide to work for ZURU Toys in China and what she has learned along the way.

Wendy Ames-Dionisio | Cross-cultural Communication in Today's Workplace

Wendy Ames-Dionisio | Cross-cultural Communication in Today’s Workplace

Wendy is a Cultural Anthropologist and has a wealth of experience working in the academic and non-profit sectors. In her webinar, she’ll be sharing her insights regarding cross-cultural communication in today’s workplace and how it impacts company culture.

Wendy Ames-Dionisio | Cross-cultural Communication in Today's Workplace

Past Webinars

Kelen Townsend | Best Practices to Conclude Your Internship

Kelen is a University Partnerships Manager and Career Coach at Virtual Internships. In her webinar, she provides guidance and best practices for interns to successfully conclude their internship and how to leverage this experience for future job opportunities and for building a global professional network.

Mitch Lowe | The Impact of Leadership on Innovation

Mitch has been at the forefront of many well-known entertainment companies and has taken on many roles including CEO of MoviePass, President of Redbox, and Co-founding Executive of Netflix. In his webinar, he’ll be discussing the impact that change and innovation have on leadership.

Kim Richmond | 5 Secrets to Ace Every Interview

Kim is an accomplished marketing and communications professional with experience working with well-known brands including FAO Schwarz, Zany Brainy, The Right Start, Kraft Foods, and Sears. She currently is the founder and principal of richmondmarketing+communications, a consulting practice specializing in digital marketing. In her webinar, Kim shares 5 interview secrets that will help you raise your game, stand out, and be the candidate that gets the offer.

Jessica Rutkowski | How to Launch a Global Career

Jessica is a University Partnerships Manager at Virtual Internships. In her webinar, she highlights the many opportunities for university students and recent graduates to work abroad and how to start down the path of a global career.

Jeff Gibbard | Becoming Superhuman

Jeff is the Founder of The Superhero Institute. Known as The World’s Most Handsome Social Media Strategist and Lovable Leader & Speaker. In this webinar, Jeff reveals the 5-meta abilities that unlock your potential. Mastering these five meta-abilities is the secret to a limitless future. The earlier in your life that you learn these skills, the greater your chances to design your ideal life, professionally and personally. We’re all human, but only some of us reach to become Superhuman.

Jillian Low | Showing Initiative in a Remote Position

Jillian is the Chief Academic Officer & Director of Partnerships at Virtual Internships. Working from a distance can require extreme focus, proactiveness, and of course initiative! In this webinar, Jillian reviews how you can show initiative in an internship and go over the basics of being present and going above and beyond for success.