With the increasingly complex landscape of college admissions in the US, counselors have the challenging task to manage the expectations of students, parents, and universities. Supporting students to identify their goals, their skills, and their values, find the right college and major for them that aligns, and then secure a spot on the right degree at the right institution is no simple task and real-world work experience is so often the missing piece of the puzzle in the journey. 


The Virtual Internships Foundations summer program provides guaranteed, structured internship experiences with companies around the world, supported by personal and professional coaching and real-world industry feedback. Our unique facilitated internship model empowers students to identify their goals and skills, and importantly be able to articulate their experience through college essays and future internship applications. 


With the above in mind, July is an exciting month for our K-12 team. Not only are they delivering the Virtual Internships Foundations summer program to our 2022 intake of high school interns from around the world, but they will also be attending both the International ACAC Conference and the IB Global Conference raising awareness of our guided internship programs for students in grades 9 -12. 


First Up: International ACAC Conference

From July 12th – 15th, Sian Steggles, Virtual Internships K-12 Manager will be exhibiting at the International ACAC conference at the University of New Mexico. The International ACAC Conference is an annual gathering of college and career guidance and admissions professionals across the world. 


Next Up: IB Global Conference

Following the IACAC Conference, Sian will hop from New Mexico to California for the IB Global Conference (16th-19th July) in San Diego to join 1500+ international school professionals, ranging from school leadership to teaching staff to share how Virtual Internships can provide curricular and co-curricular programs within or alongside the International Baccalaureate program.


Our Custom Internship Experiences Curated For School Leaders

Not only do Virtual Internships offer a Summer Program so any student can access internship experiences, but we also work directly with School Leaders to curate custom internship experiences to align with curricular and co-curricular activities. Virtual Internships provide schools with an opportunity to align real-world professional experiences with the academic rigor of the International Baccalaureate program, providing supporting activity to the CAS (Creativity, Activity Services) program or even the IB Career Program. 


Meet Us at IACAC or IB Global Conference!

If you are attending IACAC or the IB Conference this July and would like to find out more about our high school internship programs, please drop by our stand in the exhibitor hall or schedule some time for a 1-2-1 in-person or virtual chat using the form below:


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