Virtual Internships started in 2018 after recognizing that the future of work was at our doorstep, and more students across the world would need to prepare for remote work experience as well as create a network of virtual connections to succeed. The founders also recognised the importance of reducing barriers to internships to widen diversity and inclusion in overall internship participation. VI’s inaugural program was able to leverage the expertise of CRCC Asia, which at the time had 10+ years of experience cultivating host company networks and best practices for supporting interns. This served as a great framework for VI as it adapted its support for a virtual programming landscape. Throughout the past 2 years, VI has supported hundreds of students in accessing remote internship experiences.



 After viewing successful remote internship models slowly building at universities and leaning into #thefutureofwork, co-founders of CRCC Asia begin creating the blueprint for Virtual Internships.


 Virtual Internships launched using 10 years of international internship expertise and host company support to create a fully supportive program connecting students with remote work across the globe


 After successful university and individual student engagement Virtual Internships hit 200 program alumni who developed quality work experience at a distance.


 With #thefutureofwork at our doorstep, Virtual Internships is poised to deliver a tried and tested program to students across the globe, connecting them with dynamic host companies worldwide.

The Virtual Internships Team

Dan Nivern | Co Founder & CEO

Edward Holroyd Pearce | Co Founder & President

Jason Kan | Chief Operating Officer

Thomas Kirkwood | Director

David Armstrong | Board Advisor

Marcus Shapiro | Board Advisor

Mike True - Advisor

Jillian Low - Chief Academic Officer

Katina Dell’Acqua-Lubich | Director of Finance

Oliver Grazebrook | In-House Legal Counsel

Rachael Criso - Director of University Partnerships

Matthew Barton – Director of Operations

Andrew Radelet | Head of Program Experience

Andrea McWilliam | Head of Placement Development & Management

Stephanie Sam

Stephanie Sam | Head of Placements

Matthew Carter | Head of Technology & Systems Innovation

Shaun Butcher | UK University Partnerships Manager

Jessica Rutkoswi | US University Partnerships Manager

Kelen Townsend | US University Partnerships Manager

Katy Clark | APAC University Partnerships & Program Experience Manager

Waverley Miller | Program Experience Manager

John Butterworth | SEO & Website Manager


Tyler DeVice | Digital Content & Social Media Manager

Allison Ross | Internship Coach

Stephanie Xu | China Placement Manager

Claire Jung | South Korea Placement Manager

Julien Rosilio | Japan Placement Manager

Anh Le | Vietnam Placement Manager

Raksha Kini | India Placement Manager


Sacha Gregoire | International Placement Manager


Nhi Phan | Global Finance Associate

Virtual Internships is supported by its sister company CRCC Asia. Through this partnership, our programs are delivered by Virtual Internships and supported by CRCC Asia, calling upon 15 years experience of running award winning international internship programs around the world.