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Give Yourself an Unbeatable Advantage

The only platform that guarantees you real-world work experience in your chosen industry and region

The Reality of Starting Your Career

The need for work experience is essential, but getting a job can be tough. You need experience, but to gain experience, you need a job. Internships are competitive, with 80% of employers considering it a critical factor for recent graduates. So, what do you do?

The Answer? Virtual Internships

Find global work experience in any field or region with Virtual Internships, the No. 1 platform for remote internships.

The Answer? Virtual Internships

Land a guaranteed internship in your chosen career field, flexible to your schedule, no prior experience necessary.

Complete Flexibility

You choose your start date, internship length, and weekly commitment of hours.

Guaranteed Placement

No matter your degree, location, or experience – we’ll find you the right internship.

Real Experience

Work remotely with one of 13,000 companies looking for ambitious talent like you.

Coaching & Support

You will be supported by a team of expert coaches to guide you towards career success.

Award-Winning Courses

Complement your internship with access to courses to build the skills that will set you apart.

Save Time

Tell us what remote internship you want – we match you based on your preferences.

Launch Your Career

With Virtual Internships, you’ll gain valuable skills and knowledge from top companies worldwide, all from the comfort of your own home. Your Virtual Internship is like an extended interview, with major growth and learning outcomes and the potential for further opportunities upon completion.  


Global Internships

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One to One

Professional Career Coaching Calls

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Offered Further Opportunities Immediately Upon Completion

Why Students Love Virtual Internships

Join our global network of alumni who have landed prestigious jobs worldwide.

Trusted by Top Universities Worldwide

We provide universities across the globe with guaranteed remote internships, giving their students an unbeatable advantage in today’s global economy. Join our network of top-tier universities who are enhancing student learning and providing a valuable industry experience.

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