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Work With Us.
From Anywhere in the World.

At Virtual Internships (VI), we’re on a mission to make internships accessible to people all over the world, and we’re hiring talent like you!

Why Choose VI?

Discover our values and work ethic at Virtual Internships

Benefits & Perks

Let’s skip to the good part.

Flexible Working

We don’t mind when you work, instead we focus on outcomes and results. You’ll see no micromanaging or clock-watching at VI, you’re trusted to do your job brilliantly because that’s why we hired you.

The Flexible VI-er Budget Up to $1,000/year

Designed to provide greater autonomy, the budget enables smart, personalized investment for an enhanced working environment, comprehensive wellness, ] professional development, and more. Tailor your budget to support your unique journey.

Company Laptop

Don’t use your own, we’ll get you a shiny new one. 

Annual Leave 25 days

We recently standardized this so every VI-er wherever they are in the world gets the same amount (excluding public holidays).

Life Event Leave 5 days

Life happens. Whether it be a wedding, moving house, or anything else that is important in your life – take the day!

Birthday Leave 1 day

No one should work on their birthday! If it falls on a weekend or holiday, you take the nearest day.

Our Open Roles