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BrightCap Virtual Internship Program

BrightCap in partnership with Virtual Internships are providing remote internship opportunities for graduates like you seeking professional experience to enhance your employability.

Remote computer science internships

The Virtual Internships Program

The BrightCap Virtual Internship Program will last 4 months, commencing in [TBC] and finishing in [TBC], with all participants interning for 30 hours per week. If accepted into the program, you will be guaranteed an internship placement with an organization around the world in your chosen industry.

Why Complete an Internship?


of standard interns agree that completing a Virtual Internship increased their ability to work remotely.


of all standard interns agree after completing a Virtual Internship they are more confident in obtaining a future full-time job


employers agree that past work experience is more important than a college major when hiring graduates.

1 in 4

VI interns are offered a position with their host company immediately upon completion

What’s Included in The Virtual Internships Program

What’s Included in The Virtual Internships Program

Guaranteed Internship

No matter your degree, location, or experience – we’ll find you a 4-month internship placement in your chosen field

Complete Flexibility

You choose your start date, internship length, and weekly commitment of hours.

Real Experience

You’ll work remotely with a trusted, global company looking for diverse, ambitious talent like you.

Coaching & Support

You will be supported by a team of expert coaches to guide you towards career success.

Award-Winning Courses

Complement your internship with access to courses to build the skills that will set you apart.

Expert Webinars & Peer Support

Fortnightly global expert webinar series and access to peer slack channel for support

Who Can Apply?

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Must not be currently in full-time employment
  • Must have availability to work 30 hours a week at an internship for 4 full months
  • Must complete the Virtual Internships application below

This Could Be You

Join our global network of alumni who have landed prestigious jobs worldwide.

“I managed to learn a lot in a short space of time. Now I understand the challenges related to work environment and how to connect with your colleagues. I also learned how to the most out of my knowledge and skills. VI can be the answer to all your worries.”

Mpho, Based in Botswana

Business Development Intern, Nigeria

“My remote internship allowed me to gain many technical skills which are beneficial for my academic purposes and professional career. Also the courses provided really helped build my self confidence, discipline, and guided me throughout my internship. I was able to adapt to the work environment, communicate better, manage my time efficiently and just really grow personally.”

Reitumetse, Based in Botswana

Computer Science & IT Internship, Zambia

“Virtual Internships was the best experience of my entire life. I made a lot of connections through my internship in so little time which is very good for personal development and personal relationships.”

Nadine, Based in Egypt

NGO & Non-Profit Intern, Uganda

How to Apply

Submit an Application Form

This application should take 10-15 minutes to complete and all answers must be in English. In the application, you will tell us your preferred career field and we’ll guarantee you an internship placement in this field.

Complete a Short Computer Skills Assessment

All applicants must take a 10-minute timed Computer Skills Assessment. The assessment consists of 20 questions that assess the core computer skills required to undertake a remote internship.

Complete a One-Way Video Interview

The video application is a significant part of the process as during the internship you will need to:

  • Show you can manage new technical applications
  • Converse and work in English
  • Make connections through remote meetings conducted over video
  • Take initiative and be proactive in your work

For the video application, we only ask 1 question so it should take less than 5 minutes to complete. You’ll need to turn your camera on but there is no professional dress requirement. You’ll have time to listen to the question and prepare an answer. You can record, review, and re-record your video up to three times. You can review all three recordings and pick your best video before submitting it.

If Selected, You’ll Receive an Official Offer letter with the Program Start Date

We consistently review all incoming applications and try to process applications as quickly as possible. Reach out to [email protected] with any questions or to review the status of your application.

Start Your Career Journey with Virtual Internships