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Scope of the Appeals Policy
This policy is provided for Virtual Internship Partners Ltd service users, including learners and staff members who are using or delivering the courses and qualifications that Virtual Internship Partners Ltd offer as part of the accredited employability programme.


Location of the policy
This policy is available for all staff members, third parties and learners to access digitally and on the Virtual Internship Partners Ltd website.


Communication of the policy
It is important that staff involved in the management, delivery, assessment and quality assurance of accredited qualifications and learners undertaking these qualifications, are fully aware of the contents of the policy.

This policy is communicated to all learners (interns) at induction and referred to throughout the program.
This policy is communicated to all staff as part of their induction into the innovations partnerships programs where this is applied.


Review of the policy
Virtual Internship Partners Ltd will review the policy annually and revise it as and when required in response to customer and stakeholder feedback, changes in practices, actions required by the awarding body(s) or changes in legislation. Our review will ensure that our procedures continue to be consistent with the regulatory criteria and are applied properly and fairly in arriving at judgements.


Policy Statement
All learners have the right to challenge the outcomes of their assessment decisions, if they consider the assessment has not been carried out properly. Learners might appeal due to a variety of issues.
These issues may include the following:-

  • Conduct of the assessment
  • Adequacy of the range, nature and comprehensiveness of the evidence when set against the national standards and evidence requirements
  • The opportunities offered in order to demonstrate competence of attainment
  • Access to assessment
  • Process of assessment
  • Access to internal quality assurance.
  • The handling of an appeal
  • The handling of an appeal


Statement of Principle
This policy is in place to enable Virtual Internship Partners Ltd learners to enquire, question or appeal against an assessment decision. Will aim to reach an agreement with a learner (intern) at the earliest opportunity, regarding any appeals that are made.
Virtual Internship Partners Ltd will ensure that:

  • Internal assessments are conducted by members of staff who have appropriate qualifications, knowledge, understanding and skills in this area.
  • Assessment evidence provided by learners is produced and authenticated according to the requirements of the awarding body for the subject concerned.
  • The consistency of internal assessment will be maintained by internal quality assurance and standardisation.

If a learner (intern) wishes to appeal, the appeal must be lodged in writing with the relevant
Virtual Internship Partners Ltd staff member within 7 working days of the learner (intern) being notified of the assessment decision. The relevant centre staff member will then attempt to find a solution with the learner, assessor/tutor and internal quality assurer.
Any staff member undertaking an appeal investigation must be independent from any assessment decisions made as part of a learner’s qualification.
The relevant staff member will acknowledge the appeal within 2 working days of receiving it. The staff member will investigate the appeal. Investigations may include undertaking interviews with any relevant parties.
The learner (intern) will be informed of the investigation outcome and decision within 10 days of the appeal being lodged (this may be extended, depending on the nature of the appeal). If the staff member feels the appeal is to be upheld, the learner will be notified of this in writing, within 2 working days of completion of the investigation.
The relevant procedures will be followed to ensure the learner’s assessment decision is changed to show the correct mark and/or decision.
If an appeal from a learner (intern) is upheld by the centre staff member, any lessons learnt from the investigation will be reviewed by Virtual Internship Partners Ltd as part of the improvement planning protocols. Any staff member involved in the appeal will be offered suitable training, if appropriate. The outcome and action plan from all appeals will be dealt with on an individual basis.
If an appeal is not upheld, the learner making the appeal will be given a written explanation detailing the reasons for the appeal not to be upheld.
If the learner is not satisfied with the appeal decision made at centre level, the learner can instruct the centre to contact the awarding body in order to escalate the appeal. The award body will investigate any appeals made in line with their Appeals Policy.
All documents relating to an appeal must be saved and stored securely in the centre. The awarding body must be given access to any information or documents regarding any appeals, when requested.