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Frequently Asked Questions
For Universities

Everything you need to know about Virtual Internships

How long does it take to implement the Virtual Internships program?

Program implementation can take as little as two weeks! Our expert team is with you every step of the way to ensure an easy and seamless implementation. You can find out more about program implementation here, or to request a demonstration, click here.

How do you match learners to relevant industry-led project placements?

Our intelligent platform rapidly matches learners with a Host Company within our network of thousands of approved companies worldwide based on the preferences set by them or their institution, including start date, career field choice, and duration and time commitment of the work-based placement. However, we customize our program to suit the needs of your institution and to meet your goals and objectives. 

Are your Host Companies vetted and approved to host project-based learning placements?

Yes, to qualify as a Host Company, we have specific criteria based on factors such as the number of employees, website and LinkedIn quality, business registration, English proficiency, variety of projects, and experience with remote workers. Before being approved to host your learners, each company goes through a rigorous review process with our Host Company team. Like we do with learners, we support Host Companies to ensure it is is a valuable experience for both parties. You can hear about a recent experience from one of our Host Companies here

How does the Virtual Internships program align with NACE career readiness competencies?

The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) has identified eight key career readiness competencies that are crucial for learners to develop in order to succeed in their professional lives. Whilst many graduates lack the experience that employers require for entry-level jobs, engaging in experiential learning opportunities, such as internships, gives them an advantage in the job market. The Career Acceelerator Program by Virtual Internships is built on ensuring learners are prepared for the workforce by building the skills and experience necessary to succeed. You can read more about how the Virtual Internships program aligns with the 8 NACE career readiness compentencies here.

What support do you provide universities, colleges, and students throughout the program?

Any person can gain work experience from an internship, but it is the support we provide with the Career Accelerator Program that contributes to equipping learners with the essential soft skills they need to suceed. The program features wraparound support for both you and your learners. Your learners will be supported before, during, and after their industry-led placement by:

  • A dedicated Internship Experience Manager
  • An assigned Internship Coach with two private one-to-one coaching sessions
  • Access to a professional development curriculum, CareerBridge, with 12+ courses on building various soft skills and building key professional competencies
  • Fortnightly live webinars with industry experts and professionals
  • Weekly slack chats with fellow interns and internship experience managers
  • A Global Career Management Plan
  • A supportive alumni network with continued support post-internship
  • Completion certificate and end-of-program report

Will our students have paid or unpaid internships?

The push to make all internships paid is admirable and something that companies should strive to offer. Unfortunately, most companies simply can’t afford to provide paid intern programs or even to provide the managerial oversight these programs require in order to set interns up for success. About 30 percent of college students in the US do internships and only half of those are paid. In order to make access to internships more equitable, we structure our internship programs –both paid and unpaid–  to enable 100% of students to gain the essential work experience and build the soft skills that are increasingly expected in professional, entry-level positions. We work with employers to guarantee internship placement for students no matter their background. In addition to guaranteeing placement and providing ongoing coaching and support to students, we work closely with employers to ensure the projects are well-structured to enable students to build critical work skills through applying their academic knowledge to a real-world setting in a format that fits into their lives. All internships are virtual with the majority of students being able to complete work on their own time and schedules.

What are the visa legalities of international students participating in the Virtual Internships program in the US?

The Virtual Internships program is designed to ensure that students remain the primary beneficiary, in compliance with the requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act for unpaid internships. International students on F-1 visas can therefore complete our program without any additional work authorizations (CPT/OPT). This external legal advice from David Ware, a US attorney specialized in immigration and student matters, confirms the same.

We would like to find out more about partnering with Virtual Internships to offer experiential learning opportunities. How do we start the process?

That’s great to hear. Whether you’re a university, college, or education provider, request a demo here to explore how our employability solutions can be customized to your organization, and we’ll be in touch very soon.