What Our Interns Say

We’re extremely proud to have launched the careers of hundreds of students and young professionals in a wide variety of career fields, across an even larger number of countries. Our mission has always been, and always will be, to prepare students for the ‘future of work’ and to provide them with the working experience they need to acheive the professional aspirations. So far we think we’ve done a pretty good job. Keep scrolling to read what our interns have said about their partcipation in the program.

Georgina Bissett

“I really enjoyed being given responsibilities, contributing on calls, and just teamwork in general. It’s been really amazing to see what we’ve worked on come to fruition!”

Marketing Intern – The University of Birmingham (2020)

Tyler Nagy

“The best part of the experience was that I got a global working experience from the comfort of my own home. I also was really appreciative of how my supervisors treated me as one of their own!”

Business Intern – Rollins College (2020) 

Julia McDermott

“During my internship I gained a variety of both soft and hard skills that will be applicable to my future career. Working for a startup allowed me to wear several different hats and try out a variety of business functions. My team was great to work with and my supervisor encouraged me to take on any project or task that I wanted to. It was an incredible feeling to know that the work I was doing was important and had a direct impact on the organization!”

Miami University of Ohio – Marketing Intern (2020)

Joe Siddle

“Before beginning my Virtual Internship, I was keen to truly make the most out of this experience and boost my career prospects, and I certainly did this. With the help from my lovely supervisor, Zlata, I gained a multitude of new skills and knowledge and met and networked with lots of new people. If anything, the Virtual Internship exceeded my expectations as I didn’t know I’d be able to gain this much experience and insight into the finance sector working remotely!”

Northumbria University – Finance Intern (2020)

Fanni Marki

“I am beyond grateful for my Virtual Internships experience as I did not only acquire skills that are crucial in my chosen career field, but it also enabled me to obtain a mentor-mentee relationship with my manager even after the programme finished. Her guidance to find my next suitable opportunity meant so much to me and eventually helped me to find my next job which I feel is a perfect fit for my career progression in my desired field. “

The University of Birmingham – Recruitment & HR Intern (2020)

Jenna Mollison

“My experience with Virtual Internships will be one that sticks with me forever. I have never had the opportunity to do something like this before and I’m so glad that I seized this chance. My supervisor was outstanding, super personable, and he really welcomed and encouraged me during our time together. I highly recommend the Virtual Internships program to anyone considering it!”

Carleton University – Legal Intern (2020)

Veronica Sala

“The Virtual Internships program has given me the opportunity to experience real-world scenarios and has also given me crucial skills for my career. The internship has also afforded me the opportunity to further expand my social network and interact with all divisions within an international company. Being selected for this internship is a great honor and I would recommend that everyone should apply!”

Northumbria University – Marketing Intern (2020)

Sam Pilkington

Sam Pilkington

This is something that will really set me apart from other people going for the same jobs, because I’ve had experience working with people from America and other places. It gives you that edge over the competition.

Health, Wellness & Sports Management Intern – The University of Birmingham (2020)

Lee Friedman

The highlight of my Virtual Internship was working on business strategy. With this project, I got to combine all my research I compiled throughout my internship and use my creativity to come up with an effective business strategy for the company!

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals Intern – University of Florida (2020)

Naman Sadh

Naman Sadh

Being able to work with people from different countries, belonging to different cultures, and having expertise in different fields was definitely the highlight of my internship. I was working with people belonging to different time zones and different countries, even managing 3 different time zones, and we kept the working going smoothly!

Business Intern – Aston University (2020)

Nathan Moorse

Nathan Moorse

My supervisor congratulated me on completing my internship and even offered me a chance to come back and be a CPD developer in a paid position. That was really cool to be able to get a job opportunity out of the work that I did through this internship.

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals Intern – University of Kansas (2020)

Kyle Ozuna

Kyle Ozuna

It’s very beneficial that I can take the skills I learned at university and put them into practice in my internship. A piece of advice I would give a future intern would be to manage your time – try not to do everything in one day. You’re going to have to manage your time properly to get your tasks done within the week you are getting that work. 

Legal & Marketing Intern – Broward College (2020)

Brandy Yuan

Brandy Yuan

The highlight of my virtual experience was when I first accomplished my coding task. I felt immensely proud of myself because not only was this a new field that I had never attempted before, but I was also doing it remotely. I felt very proud what I was able to achieve on the technical side of things, as well as when my supervisors told me when they felt that the work I had done was very meaningful.

Computer Science & IT Intern – University of Pennsylvania (2020)

Lexi Elkins

Lexi Elkins

I think the best part of my internship was the amazing people I was able to work with! My boss at the internship company was absolutely lovely and really did her best to make me feel welcomed and also show how grateful she was for the work I did.

Hospitality & Tourism Intern – Pennsylvania State University (2020)

Maab Saifeldin

Maab Saifeldin

I can’t recommend Virtual Internships enough! I love the fact that I had regular meetings with my supervisors and we got to give each other constructive feedback. They really had trust and confidence in me, which in turn gave me more self-confidence.

Virtual Internships invests lots of time and effort into the interns. They listen to their career goals and take the time to get to know us personally. I was offered a permanent job with the company that I interned for which was beyond my wildest expectations.

Legal Intern – Lancaster University (2018)

Angelina Oh

Angelina Oh

My favorite memory from my virtual internship was being able to sit in on Zoom calls and meetings that my company was having with other venture capital firms & investment banks. Being on the inside and gaining knowledge into how these partnerships work was very unique and a special opportunity!

Finance Intern – University of Pennsylvania (2020)

Elizabeth Cone

Elizabeth Cone

I really enjoyed my time with Virtual Internships and I’m really glad I did the program! I would highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for any kind of experience and is willing to work with people from a new environment.

Engineering Intern – Stevens Institute of Technology (2020)

Áine Cooke

Aine Cooke

It’s a great opportunity. You can do loads of really fascinating tasks and you can really develop your skills and advance your career goals, while working from your office at home!

Legal Intern –  University of Limerick (2020)

Anya Nutakki

Anya Nutakki

As far as technical skills, my coding abilities have majorly improved. I felt challenged by the work presented to me by my supervisor, and was able to grow my skills as a result!

Finance & IT Intern – University of Southern California (2020)

Tsolayemi Akperi

My communication skills were greatly improved, especially in writing. Also, my critical thinking and problem-solving skills improved as I worked on resolving challenges faced by my host company.

Business Intern – Aston University (2020)

Melita Kalczynska

Melita Kalczynska

I became more confident in my abilities and learned to work effectively across time zones!

Finance Intern – University of Georgia (2020)

Fabrizio Erra

Fabrizio Erra

I learned valuable skills in an international environment, working in contact with people from all over the world through smart working platforms. I learned more about SEO and digital data analysis cooperating with other teams, supporting my teammates, and getting and providing useful feedback to improve our efforts.

Marketing Intern – Aston University (2020)

Zachary Abate

I created legal policy on telemedicine, providing the company with the guidelines to properly and safely conduct remote medical consultations. In a time where this is extremely relevant, it is extremely rewarding to help be a part of the process that gets their patients a great remote medical consultation. I will now begin creating a professional development course for clinicians to develop their skills to conduct remote consultations. I love that the internship involves law, medicine, and education!.

Long Island University (2020)

Karina Kapina

Karina Kapina

It’s a great experience and will definitely build a lot of your skills

Marketing Intern – Aston University (2020)

Alex Best

I think everyone should do a Virtual Internship, as they will only be used more and more in global Business

 Business & Finance Intern – University of Dundee (2019)

Gideon Caturla

After my internship was finished, I was much more confident with my own professional abilities and my knowledge of the industry. I highly recommend Virtual Internships to any student who needs that kick to begin their career! The Virtual Internships team were great and helped me find a good company in my area of law. I was able to gain work experience in a different country, valuable insights into the industry I was studying, and I formed crucial global connections!

Legal Intern – Queensland University of Technology (2019)

Kerrie Costa

I have definitely found an increase in my level of confidence and assertiveness when approaching tasks that initially may seem daunting, especially upon entering a career. Additionally, Virtual Internships has enabled advice and ongoing support post-program – a great and helpful network!

Marketing Intern – The University of Adelaide (2019)

Nadine Farag

Virtual Internships was the best experience in my entire life. I made a lot of connections through my internship in so little time which is very good for personal development and personal relationships. I recommend Virtual Internships to all other students!

NGO & Non-Profit Intern (2019)

Sean Mbanugo

In the wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the skills I got from Virtual Internships will be very helpful going forward. The CareerBridge exercises offered me strategies of how to operate in the workplace, deal with cultural differences in the workplace, and how to use online scheduling tools and video conferencing software (very important for working from home). I am now better prepared for navigating a world that will operate under a new normal.

Queen Mary University of London (2019)

Thanh Vo

I had such a great experience with my Virtual Internship! They provided a helpful learning experience as well as opportunities to practice leadership skills, organizational skills, time management, etc. If you are hesitant to join the program, trust me, just do it because it’s really worth it!

Business Intern – The University of Adelaide (2019)

Trent Huy Nguyen

The Virtual Internship experience provided an amazing opportunity to work and observe things from different perspectives, culturally.

Business Intern – The University of Adelaide (2019)

Elson Teixeira

Elson Teixeria

After having a new baby, the flexibility of my virtual internship allowed me to gain valuable experience whilst having another job as well.

Marketing Intern – Birmingham University (2018)

Julia Wainwright

Julia Wainwright

My virtual interning has allowed me to take advantage of opportunities in places I could never visit and meet people that will help me achieve my goals in life.

Business Intern – Denison University (2018)

Anna Flaherty

Anna Flaherty

A virtual internship has given me the opportunity to explore sectors outside of the law and improve my commercial awareness. Without the internship being remote and virtual, I would not have had such an opportunity.

Business Intern – Kent University (2018)

Misaki Yamamichi

Misaki Yamamichi

This internship was such a valuable experience for me to start off my career after graduation, thank you.

Marketing Intern – Winchester University (2018)