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Frequently Asked Questions
For Interns

Everything you need to know about Virtual Internships

What is a virtual internship?

A virtual internship, also known as an online or remote internship, is a work-based learning experience that takes place in a virtual or digital environment rather than a physical workplace. It provides individuals with an opportunity to gain practical work experience, learn new skills, and engage with employers through online platforms. Communication and collaboration with supervisors, mentors, and team members are conducted through online tools, such as video conferencing, email, instant messaging, and project management software. Read more about what a virtual internship is here.

What are the benefits of virtual internships?

If you are wondering if virtual/remote internships are worth it, then the short answer is yes. Between the chance to gain professional skills, work closely with company leaders, and gain exposure through international experience, there are many benefits of choosing a virtual/remote internship. One of the biggest advantages is flexibility because you’re able to gain experience and build your skills, but on s schedule that suits you and from wherever you want. Read more about the benefits of virtual internships here. 

What is the Virtual Internships Program and what does it include?

Our Virtual Internships program is so much more than an internship. Not only will you be guaranteed an a project-based internship placement in a career field of your choice, you’ll also be supported before, during, and after your internship by:

  • 24/7 access to a team of Intern Experience Managers (IEMs) whose goal is to make sure your internship is successful
  • An assigned Internship Coach with two private one-to-one coaching sessions during your internship
  • Access to a professional development curriculum, CareerBridge, with 12+ courses on building various soft skills and building key professional competencies
  • Fortnightly live webinars with industry experts
  • Weekly slack chats with fellow interns and Internship Experience Managers
  • A five-year Career Management Plan to set you up for success post-internship
  • Completion certificate and end-of-program report
  • A supportive alumni network with continued collaboration post-internship

What is a project-based internship?

Working on real-life projects is where significant growth occurs, especially early in your career. In the Virtual Internships program, all of our internships are project-based to give you a taste of what the working world is like. This means that all of our Host Companies must submit at least three projects that they need an intern to work on, we then review that, and align it with a specific career field to ensure you and the company are matched perfectly based on the skills and experience you want to gain and the projects they need you to work on. Before accepting an internship placement, you’ll be able to review the project placement plan which outlines what you’ll be working on.

What does interning remotely mean?

Unlike in-person internships, remote/virtual/online internships mean you will be setting your own hours, and deciding when you work. This enables you to fit your internship hours in around your schedule, and to gain exposure to a company in a country on a different part of the world to yours. Don’t worry, you won’t ever be expected to attend a meeting at 3am; you and your supervisor will work out the best time to meet at a time that suits you both. Outside of those meetings, it will be down to you to set your own internship work hours.

Who can do a Virtual Internship?

The short answer is any person over the age of 18* looking to build skills and confidence, and gain experience in a real-life working environment. The majority of our alumni are students who are looking to bridge the gap between university/college and the working world by gaining experience which will give them an advantage when entering the job market. You choose what works best for your schedule.  Summer internships are popular, but the beauty of virtual internships is that they can be done alongside your studies and other life commitments. 

Our program is open to people anywhere in the world, regardless of their background, major, or stage of university education. Our alumni have also included students, refugees, women returning to work after a career break, career switchers, high school students, and more. 

*If you are a school interested in our High School Program, find out more here.

Why do some of the internship programs involve a fee?

Individuals that apply to our program directly (not through a university or global partner) do pay a fee for the program. The fee is broken down into two parts: the acceptance fee which is paid in order to begin the internship matching process, and the final fee which is paid when the intern has accepted their internship placement. Our program includes a guaranteed internship placement in your chosen career field, two dedicated one-to-one sessions with a professional coach, 24/7 access to a team of Internship Experience Managers to support you for the duration of your internship, a career advancement curriculum, alumni network support, and a certificate of completion as well as LinkedIn endorsements. Our fee ensures that your experience boosts your employability and makes you a more rounded candidate when entering the job market.

How flexible is the internship program?

Flexibility to ensure the program works with your schedule is our top priority. In your application, you can:

  • Rank your preferred career fields for your internship. We will then align your internship match with your choices. 
  • Choose your start date. You’ll need roughly six weeks in between application and your start date to get matched and interview with your Host Company.
  • Choose the length of your internship from 1, 2, 3, or 4 months depending on your preferences.
  • Choose the number of hours you work per week. You will complete a minimum of 120 hours of work with your internship but you will have different options of how to build your schedule:
    • 1 month = 30 hours per week
    • 2 months = 20 or 30 hours per week
    • 3 months = 10, 20, or 30 hours per week
    • 4 months = 10, 20, or 30 hours per week

Does the duration of the internship affect the quality of the experience?

No, it does not. You will work the same minimum amount of hours in a one month internship as a four-month internship. We guarantee all interns the same program inclusions: 

  • Internship placement and work experience with one of our Host Companies
  • Weekly supervisor interaction or company calls
  • Career coaching calls
  • Employability resources

Will my internship be paid or unpaid?

At Virtual Internships, we understand the importance of gaining valuable work experience during your college journey. We recognize that while many students seek paid internships, the reality is that only around 15% of college students have access to such opportunities.

Our mission is to make internships more equitable by providing structured work experience programs that cater to students from all backgrounds and go beyond providing an internship placement. We work tirelessly with employers, universities, governments, and non-profit organizations to guarantee internship placements for all students, regardless of their financial situation.

With Virtual Internships, you can be assured of gaining critical work experience in a format that fits into your life. All our internships are conducted virtually, allowing you the flexibility to complete your work on your own time and schedule. Moreover, your career development is supported beyond the internship placement with ongoing coaching and career support throughout the experience, weekly expert webinars, regular feedback from your supervisor for improvement, and a curriculum to support your soft skill development.

If you’re looking for an enriching, structured work experience that will provide you with the skills you need to kickstart your professional journey, Virtual Internships is here to help you. We’re committed to creating a level playing field so every student has the opportunity to succeed and grow.

Still have questions?

Simply, sign-up to the platform here to connect with one of our advisors who can answer any of your questions.