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Frequently Asked Questions
For Host Companies

Everything you need to know about Virtual Internships

Do I have to pay to host a remote intern?

No, there is no fee associated with hosting virtual interns through our platform. Virtual Internships offers our services free of charge to Host Companies. We believe in providing accessible opportunities for both companies and interns, allowing you to benefit from the talents and skills of our diverse pool of virtual interns without any financial obligations. It’s important to note that any payments such as salary or stipends are at the discretion of the Host Company.

Many Host Companies have had positive experiences with our interns and have gone on to offer them further opportunities beyond their internship. We encourage Host Companies to recognize the potential of their interns and explore the possibility of extending employment or providing recommendations for future career prospects. Our virtual internship programs serve as a valuable stepping stone for interns to gain practical experience and build their professional network, often leading to exciting opportunities for career advancement.

What are the intern backgrounds? Do they have experience and work-ready skills? How good is their English proficiency?

Virtual Internships attracts a diverse pool of talented interns from various academic backgrounds and levels of experience. We have both undergraduate and graduate students participating in our program. Our interns have studied a wide range of subjects, including business, marketing, finance, technology, engineering, graphic design, social sciences, and more. While some interns may have previous work experience, others may be seeking their first professional opportunity.

We assess the skills and qualifications of each intern during our selection process to ensure they possess work-ready skills relevant to your specific project or role. Moreover, we prioritize English proficiency, and all our interns are required to have a good command of the English language to effectively communicate and contribute to your organization.

How does the matching process work? Can I see and choose interns?

Our matching process is designed to find the best fit for your company’s needs. After you sign-up as a Host Company, we will provide you with a curated selection of recommended interns based on their skills, qualifications, and interests. You will have the opportunity to review their profiles, including their resumes, academic backgrounds, and any additional materials they have submitted. You can also conduct interviews with the candidates to ensure a good fit for your organization. Ultimately, the choice is yours, and you have the flexibility to select the intern who best aligns with your requirements.

What is the maximum number of interns I can take?

There is no maximum limit to the number of interns you can host. We understand that different organizations have varying needs and capacities. Whether you are looking to host a single intern or a larger group, we can accommodate your requirements. Our team will work closely with you to determine the appropriate number of interns that aligns with your project goals and resources.

What are the logistics regarding start dates, duration, and hours?

The logistics of hosting virtual interns can be tailored to your company’s needs through matching you with an intern with a start date and duration that suits your timeline. Interns will have set start dates (always starting on a Monday and ending on a Friday) for their internships, as well as a set duration of 4 to 16 weeks and 10 to 30 hours per week. It’s our role to match you with an intern that best suits what you’re both looking for. Our team will guide you through the logistics to ensure a seamless and mutually beneficial internship experience.

How much time do we need to dedicate as a Host Company and what’s expected of us?

First and foremost, every company that wants to host interns through our platform needs to meet our Host Company requirements. Whilst there is no cost involved for companies to host interns, we expect a high level of responsiveness and engagement with our internship process. This includes completion of Project Placement Plans (PPPs) either created from scratch by you or using one of our 250+ ready-made templates; weekly checkpoints completed; and pre- and post-program evaluations of the intern and experience completed. It’s up to you to decide the structure of your internship for the intern, but it is mandatory that you meet on a video or audio call with our intern/s at least once per week (most of our companies choose to check in daily). And of course, above all, we expect professionalism to ensure this is a positive experience for all parties involved.

Do I qualify as a company? Are there specific requirements or timezone/country restrictions?

We welcome Host Companies from around the world to participate in our program. To qualify as a Host Company, we have specific criteria based on factors such as the number of employees, website and LinkedIn quality, business registration, English proficiency, variety of internship projects available, and experience with remote work. We welcome companies from different timezones and countries. If you’re interested in joining our network, please sign-up, and we can discuss the potential partnership.

What support does Virtual Internships offer?

From the start of the experience, Host Companies are supported by our team. Firstly, you can select from one of our 250+ ready-made project plans for your internship or select your own. Our team will help you to design an internship that is going to meet your needs as a company and be a beneficial learning and development experience for the intern. We support the intern throughout their internship with employability courses, webinars, slack slacks, weekly check-ins, coaching sessions and more to ensure they are successful in their internship and thus, you achieve the results you need for your project.

What happens when the internship starts?

When the internship starts, Virtual Internships supports both Host Companies and interns throughout the program. Host companies provide guidance and supervision, while we offer comprehensive support. We assist with onboarding, provide resources for professional development, conduct regular check-ins, and facilitate open communication channels. Interns receive certificates of completion, recognizing their participation, and Host Companies are acknowledged for their contribution to their professional development.

Still have questions?

Simply, sign-up to the platform here to connect with one of our advisors who can answer any of your questions.