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Intern Experiences:
Inspiration and Achievement

Hear From Our Interns

Inspiring stories from emerging talent

Virtual Internships created the opportunity to connect with people around the world. It helped me come closer to my dream of improving accessibility to healthcare, in countries with poor access, while talking to field experts. It was an insightful experience!

Alexandra Spinu

University of Birmingham

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Intern
My virtual internship was a game-changer. It taught me how to thrive in the digital age, improving my communication, time management, and self-discipline. I connected with a global team and honed skills that are invaluable in today's tech-savvy job market. Thanks to this experience, I'm now better equipped for the future of work.

Teto Kopelo

Botho University

Engineering Intern

Aishah Sofea

Kolej MARA Banting

Data and Business Analyst Intern
My remote internship allowed me to gain skills in a lot of things, time management, flexibility, working with different kinds of people, and developing myself. I am thankful for this opportunity.

Leena Abalkhail

Qassim University

Entrepreneurship & Business Internship at Moov-it
This opportunity has definitely enhanced my interpersonal skills and amplified my confidence for future careers.

Sarah Iman Muhamad Ridzuan

Tunku Kurshiah College

Engineering Internship at 247ERICPOINTCOM

Nichanan Supunya

Edinburgh University

Associate Consultant Intern
Virtual Internshipw has given me the opportunity to work with a startup company which gave me the chance to observe, learn and contribute to the business development aspect of the company. Totally recommend it!

Yaser Alsubhi

University of Windsor

Marketing and Business Development Internship at Sigma Polaris


University of Sydney

Marketing Intern
Virtual Internships helped me to get exposed to the ultimate futuristic world of fashion tech. I had the honor to gain experience in learning about the Metaverse's new gadgets and top-notch software. It was beyond my expectation to receive such a high-standard training in fashion tech.

Mallika Bhatnagar

International Fashion Academy

Marketing Intern, Disco Volante Media
I am thankful for this opportunity because with it, I learnt the importance of remote working, I have interacted with amazing people from diverse cultures and have learnt how to work with dynamic software applications to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Kananelo Thoabala

Botho University

Accounting & Finance Intern at Twigs Natural
I have built important career skills and gained more than I expected. I have built relationships with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures, and Virtual internship has prepared me for future work.

Seipati Matoli

Botho University

Finance Intern at The Supply Chain Academy-SCA Global
This program has greatly improved my soft skills, especially when talking with people from other nations, in addition to exposing me to the working environment.

Syukri Rosli

Kolej MARA Seremban

Business Associate & Finance Internship at SGC Ventures
My remote internship allowed me to gain skills in each of my personal and professional sides. After completing the virtual internships program I can now confidently say that I’m ready to seek a remote job.

Rinad AlShumrani

University of Bisha

Cyber/IT Security Intern at 247ERICPOINTCOM
I have gained valuable information in the field of Front-End Development and UX/UI Design. My remote internship has definitely increased my knowledge and developed many skills related to my field.

Fadya Sait

King Abdulaziz University

IT Intern (Front End and Mobile Development) at Entreelab Inc.
I enjoyed every single moment of those three months and learned more about different cultures and nationalities. I also gained a lot of knowledge about my career field.

Abdulaziz AlHassan

King Saud University

Real Estate Intern at Hybr
My remote internship was a worthwhile programme and I believe that it has added another building block of knowledge to what I acquired during my master's degree. I will take the experiences from the internship with me in my future career endeavours.

Kwaku Frimpong Poku-Dankwa

University of Salford

Business/Marketing & Design Intern at House Babylon

John Passmore

Global Executive Search Research Assistant to Managing Partner

Mason Rak
Thank you Virtual Internships for helping me to grow in my career. I am now better equipped to add value to my future employer.

Linda Adetokunboh

University of Salford

Logistics Operations Intern at Liquisto Technologies
During my internship experience, I gained beneficial knowledge within my desired work field. I improved on several skills including time management, professionalism and enhanced communication. I am very thankful for this experience as it has advanced my expertise.

Hazel Roberts

University of Brighton

Customer Service and Marketing Internship at TheraTalk Hong Kong Health
I can say without a doubt that Virtual Internship was the best way to start my career path after graduation. This opportunity not only facilitated my transition from study to work, but allowed me to expand my network, gain confidence, build my knowledge and skills, while gaining work experience

Maya Mehrez

University of Sussex

Database & Research Analyst at Novita Biotechnology
Virtual internship helped me grow professionally and developed skills I hadn't developed before in the workplace. I will never forget this fulfilling experience.

Magali Ostroviecki

University of Sussex

Research/Project Development Intern at Water Hands Hope
My internship exceeded my expectations as I was able to be part of a fantastic team whilst developing my skills. I’m so happy I applied!

Martyna Wykrota

University of Sussex

Development Intern at Naturopaths Without Borders
My remote internship allowed me to further gain confidence in working remotely while still feeling a part of the company. Virtual Internships has helped expose me to more job opportunities and fields that I had not initially thought of. I am thankful that I have had the opportunity to work with Virtual Internships.

Victoria Cronin

Swansea University

NGO Intern at KAKUTE
Virtual Internships helped me to get exposed to new areas of work which I was unaware of. I also think it boosted my confidence level and added a wide range of new skillsets which I can apply in my career ahead. I am really thankful for this opportunity.

Ayesha Aboni

University of Birmingham

NGO Curriculum Design Intern at Doctoral Mom Incorporated
You will never regret undertaking a Virtual Internship, the people you meet and the experience gained is invaluable.  

Isobel Bonning

University of Birmingham

Healthcare & Social Work Internship at Rwenzori Rural Health Services
Virtual Internships allowed me to gain experience in a company in the USA from the comfort of my home. I gained valuable team work and scientific analysis skills, whilst being supported by mentors. It was a highly beneficial experience which I would recommend.

Maheen Khambatta

University of Sussex

Meritage Technologies Inc. Development intern at Cary Pharmaceuticals Inc
Completing my remote internship allowed me to gain experience in a new career field and gave me the confidence to start applying for jobs again. Subsequently, I received a job offer soon after the end of my internship.   

Temi Ogunbanjo

University of Sussex

Healthcare Intern at MEDx eHealthCenter
Virtual internships helped to get me exposed to the daily tasks varied out in a workplace to help a company run efficiently. It was a valuable learning experience and definitely surprised me in the way that journalism companies run.  

Anjali Sahota

University of Birmingham

Editorial Intern at Destination Deluxe
I really enjoyed the opportunity to be a part of a company that I never would have encountered without Virtual Internships. Virtual Internships provided a valuable opportunity to gain relevant experience in an industry when finding in-person experience is difficult. I definitely feel that I have learned a lot and made valuable contacts!   

Sarah Tyrer

University of Birmingham

ABC Resilience & Mobility Book and Manual Intern at digital value creators (DVC)
My confidence in gaining employment has increased because now I am confident on what I want to do after I graduate and what I want to achieve in the future. I am thankful that I got this opportunity with Virtual Internships.  

Rida Owais

University of Sussex

Game Content Inclusivity Intern at IDEA Games
Virtual internships completely changed my perspectives on remote working. Now I’ve realised that I can do work from anywhere in the world!

Alumdena Espinosa Carrion

Durham University

Media Intern at BK International Education Consultancy
It cemented my love for writing. After completing the virtual internships program I can now feel confident enough to search for a job within my field.

Sophie Prior

Durham University

Editorial Intern at Destination Deluxe
Virtual Internships helped me to get exposed to opportunities that I wouldn't find on my own - an eye-opener experience!

Dariola Djati Darajat

Aston University

UX design internship at YOOLOX
Virtual Internships exceeded my expectations as I did not think I would have gained as many skills as I have. I have completed numerous tasks which I probably could not have done if I was doing a traditional internship. I thoroughly enjoyed this experience and I definitely recommend anyone looking for work experience to do this!

Haleemah Babar

University of Birmingham

Finance Internship at Kopus
My remote internship allowed me to gain skills in time management, communication, and teamwork and understand more of a flexible working environment. I am thankful for this opportunity because it was eye-opening and allowed me to gain more confidence in myself.

Kudzai Chowa

Aston University

Finance Investment Analyst at TellCo Europe
This experience has greatly increased my employability. It confirmed to me that I want to pursue a career in my chosen field, and has helped me gain confidence.

Josephine Blank

University of Sussex

People Intern at BMAT
I have been exposed to my field of choice (HR), I have gained various skills that I believe will give me a competitive edge and also increase my chances of employment. This experience has greatly impacted my overall self development and career wise.

Shamim Kayuza

Aston University

HR Intern at Medicidiom
It has given me an advantage over other students when applying for future internships/jobs. It has given me an invaluable insight into what the world of work is like and increased my my level of competence within my chosen field.

Eridon Keta

Northumbria University

Product Development Intern at ARYZE
I can now talk about how I have developed my professional skill set in interviews. I am able to draw from my experiences across the internship to demonstrate why I am suited for the working world.

Brooke Boal

Durham University

ESG Market Analyst Intern at Decarbonify
With Virtual Internships I was able to find my first internship experience.I have learned many work-related skills that are not taught in schools and university, which is why I am very thankful for this wonderful opportunity from Virtual Internship and my Host Company.

Alfred Bryan Ganily

Xi'an Jiaotong Liverpool University

Supply Chain Junior Consultant Intern at  LCA Asia
My virtual experience allowed me to gain experience snd exposure in a global market. I gained both the knowledge and skills to excel in my current global position.

Annelisa Govind

Regent Business School

Resourcing Advisor at Oliver Sanderson
My remote internship allowed me to improve my communication and team work skills. I am grateful for this opportunity, and If I was to get another opportunity to do another internship I will come back here! 

Hulu Moala

Auckland University of Technology

Operations Support Intern at Athena Consulting
I would highly recommend anyone who wishes to get a remote internship to go through VI. You won't regret it.

Ashish Sharma

Chandigarh University

Marketing Intern at We Are Jersey
I was able to apply my experience to the real life work environment where I am able to work with people from different backgrounds and have a sense of cultural competency. 

Haiyun Huang

Auckland University of Technology

Product Intern at HackLaunch
This valuable work experience has enabled me to improve my skills and employability. The real-world projects are helpful for career development. I’m very thankful for this opportunity to apply what I have learnt.

Yikuan Tu

University of Auckland

Junior Developer at KYC Intelligent Compliance Limited
This internship was an opportunity for me to learn more about the NFT and blockchain space. Throughout the past 12 weeks, I was able to apply what I've learnt in the classroom to real-life projects. It was definitely a good learning experience for me.

Kimberley Lee

Taylor’s Education Group

IT Research & Product Development Intern at Common Sense Education HK Asia
I am more confident in networking with people in higher positions, expressing my ideas, showing my values as well as consulting them with problems and questions in the best manner.

Mai Phuong Le

Victoria University of Wellington

Environmental Impact Consultant (CAVI) at R3i Ventures
The internship put me in a situation unlike any other I've been in, allowing me to work with a company in an online environment. I learnt a lot from the program and will use the experience throughout my life.

Kaleb Pickerill

University of Auckland

Environmental Impact Consultant at Lecka Vietnam
Through this internship, I was able to connect with professionals of all types of backgrounds and gain insights and knowledge I would have otherwise never learned.

Philip Chang

Victoria University of Wellington

Environmental Impact Consultant (CAVI) at R3i Ventures
I improved in time management and work ethic the most throughout this internship.This was my first internship, and I would say the highlight was getting to work for a firm so welcoming!

Chrystian Combs

California Baptist University

Van Aelst, Nguyen and Partners
Virtual Internships placed me with a host company that exceeded my expectations and helped me to gain transferable skills. After the program, I feel more confident and prepared to enter the professional world.

Victoria Davila

University of California

Los Angeles (UCLA), International Development Intern at UN-aligned
It has helped students like me, without any work experience, gain that experience, and get the chance to learn and grow my skills. It has helped me better prepare for future work or internship opportunities and given me a boost in reaching my future goals. 

Elizabeth Rose

Arizona State University

HR Internship at Pleinert & Partner
This experience opened many doors for me and helped build my network to make sure I'm equipped for my future.

Jamara McGarry

Arizona State University

Trade Development Executive at TradeBright
I can now apply all of the skills and lessons I learnt to future job interviews and other real world situations. 

Malaika Mazula

Carleton University

Business Development Intern at FoodsPass, Inc
I gained a mentor who taught me what it takes to develop a successful career in my field of study. I am significantly more confident in my ability to find meaningful employment in a field of business that interests me! 

Brendan Walsh

Arizona State University

Business Management Intern at Medicidiom
Virtual Internships helped me to get exposed to new opportunities I never thought were possible. 

Rodrigo Jimenez

Elizabethtown College

Marketing/Business Intern at High Bridge Management Academy UG
My internship allowed me to gain skills in presentations and affiliate marketing. I am now more confident in sharing my work in a professional manner. This experience allowed me to be more confident in applying for work remotely in the future.

Lucas Turnbull

Carleton University

Marketing Intern at INATIGO
This experience helped me build my digital and social media marketing skills, solidifying my interest to work in social media marketing post-grad. I am happy that my university works with Virtual Internships to provide this opportunity for students to expand their cross-cultural skills without having to leave Tempe, AZ!

Megan Joksimovic

Arizona State University

Marketing Intern at SPEAK&DO
Virtual Internships helped me connect with a company that allowed me maximize my knowledge and utilise it to apply to the practical work environment as well as providing me with an environment that enabled me to enhance and further develop my skills.

Arpan Ojha

Carleton University

Engineering Intern at Nurjana Technologies
This opportunity offered a stepping stone between college and a full-time job. Sometimes making the full transition can be scary. Internships are a great way to put those doubts aside and put your skills into practice.

Tiffany Kawamura

Arizona State University

Junior Developer at