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Modern job searching can feel infuriating. You can spend hours searching listings and career sites to find only a handful of suitable roles; then the roles you are interested in require someone whose recently graduated and also has a couple months experience?! It can be a real chicken and egg situation: how are you suppose to get experience when you need experience for graduate/entry-level postions?

That’s where Virtual Internships comes in. We’ve spent years cultivating our network of international host companies who now rely on us to fill their staffing needs for a variety of projects. From there, we then match interns with companies that meet their specifications and can assign them the type of tasks they want to be working on, thereby assuring they get the relevant experience they need to excel in their chosen career path.

Virtual Internships offers 18 Career Fields in total for you to choose from. Scroll down to find the career field you want to start working within.


How Does it Work?

Visit our how it works page to learn more about the Virtual Internships’ Program. How to apply, what the application process includes, and accepting your place onto the program.

What’s Included in The Program?

Our program includes much more than just the working experience itself. You’ll be provided with a dedicated internship coach, be invited to exclusive seminars, and be able to gain academic credit.