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Remote healthcare internships

Remote Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

Empower your learners to take the first step towards a rewarding career in healthcare industry!

Are your learners detail-oriented individuals with a passion for healthcare and the drive to make a difference? Help them jumpstart their careers in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry through experiential learning program today!

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Why Intern in Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals?

Whether your learners interested in the latest medical breakthroughs, helping patients navigate their health journey, or supporting a team of professionals working to develop life-changing treatments, this field offers invaluable experience that will shape and enhance their career aspirations.


employers said that internship experience is a critical factor they consider when hiring recent graduates (NACE)


average annual wage in the healthcare industry (US BLS)


medical students participate in some form of clinical experience, such as internships or externships (AAMC)


students who completed a pharmacy internship were offered a job after graduation (ACPE)


Common Questions Answered…

What is a remote healthcare internship?

These internships involve working remotely with a team of professionals on various projects related to healthcare, medicine, and pharmaceuticals. An internship in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry can provide learners with valuable hands-on experience, industry-specific knowledge, and networking opportunities that will set them apart from in this fast-paced and rapidly evolving field.

What tasks willhealthcare interns undertake?

Learners will work on tasks like researching medical information, analyzing data, developing strategies to improve patient care, supporting clinical trials, and assisting in administrative tasks. They will also get exposure to industry insights, project cycles, and timelines, and day-to-day challenges that companies in this industry face.

What skills will learners gain on a healthcare and pharmaceutical internship?

Learners will gain essential skills such as data analysis, communication, teamwork, and problem-solving, which will be useful in any future career in this field. Overall, this work-based learning program will provide them with unique opportunities to make meaningful impacts in the healthcare industry while gaining valuable hands-on experience.

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