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Remote international development internships

Remote International Development Internships

Kickstart your career with an internship in not-for-profit, NGO, charity, and international development organizations

Looking for a meaningful and rewarding internship experience? Are you passionate about social impact and making a difference in the world? Remote international development internships with NGOs worldwide may be the best starting point.

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Why Intern in International Development?

Interning in international development allows you to gain experience in making a positive impact on the world while developing your skills and enhancing your understanding of global issues.


non-profit organizations in the US alone (JHU)


increased internship recruitment in the charity sector (ISE)


employers said that internship experience is a critical factor they consider when hiring recent graduates (NACE)


graduates seeking employment in this field (NACE)


Ok, So You Have Questions…

What is an international development internship?

An international development internship is typically offered by non-profit organizations, NGOs, government agencies, or international organizations that work on issues such as healthcare, education, gender equality, and economic development in countries around the world.

What projects will I work on as an international development intern?

As an international development intern, you may work on projects related to research, program management, fundraising, monitoring and evaluation, or community outreach. You may have the opportunity to collaborate with local communities and organizations in the countries where the organization operates.

What skills will I gain on an international development internship?

Internships in this field can offer a unique opportunity to develop a wide range of skills, such as project management, community outreach, fundraising, public relations, and research. The non-profit sector is also a growing industry, with a variety of career paths and opportunities for growth and advancement.

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