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Remote Marketing Internships - Intern

Remote Marketing Internships

Give your learners a competitive edge with remote marketing internships

Are your learners creative, big-picture thinkers who wish to occupy roles that align with their collaborative outlook, where each day offers unique challenges? A career in marketing may offer them a rewarding path.

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Why Intern in Marketing?

Marketing is a discipline that will always be needed, and as the world becomes increasingly reliant on new forms of technology, offering remote marketing internships to your learners provides your institution with the opportunity to keep your academic curriculum current and prepare learners for the workforce.

Top 3

Fastest rising jobs are all in social media marketing (LinkedIn)

By 2031

the demand for marketing jobs will increase by 10% (US BLS)


average marketing salary for Gen-Z generation (McKinley)


of companies are actively investing in content marketing, a valuable skill to have in the marketing industry (Hubspot)

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Common Questions Answered…

What’s involved in a marketing internship?

A marketing internship involves working with a marketing team or department to support the development and implementation of marketing strategies and initiatives. Tasks may include conducting market research, content creation, social media management, graphic design, event planning, and administrative tasks. Whether your learners are interested in social media marketing, PR, or any other aspect of marketing, an internship in this field will provide them with valuable skills and experience to help drive business growth.

What tasks will remote marketing interns undertake?

As a remote marketing intern, you’ll be exposed to the inner workings of global companies, delve into the importance of research and analysis, and put your creative cap on to deliver results and gain your unbeatable advantage.

What skills will learners gain on a remote marketing internship?

Marketing is a multi-faceted field with hundreds of paths to take. A marketing internship is an ideal way to ‘try on’ these different career paths and decide which one is right. Your learners may start their internship set on digital marketing but gain exposure to press and communications marketing which completely changes their career path.

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