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Remote hospitality internships

Remote Hospitality, Tourism & Events Internships

Set your learners up for success in this growing and increasingly competitive field!

Are your learners interested in breaking into the fast-paced and exciting world of hospitality, tourism, and event management? Whether they possess innate interpersonal skills or have a passion for travel, remote hospitality internships can provide a strong foundation for a successful career.

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Why Intern in Hospitality, Tourism, and Events?

As a dynamic industry, it allows learners to work in a variety of roles and settings, from hotels and restaurants to tour groups and music venues, providing endless opportunities for growth and development in a fun and fast-paced environment.


event management employers consider internships and other work experience as the most important factor when considering job candidates (Event Leadership Institute)


new jobs by 2027 (World Travel & Tourism Council’s)


employers said that internship experience is a critical factor they consider when hiring recent graduates (NACE)


increase in recruitment for tourism internships (ISE)


Common Questions Answered…

What is a remote hospitality internship?

Offering remote internships in this field enables your learners to gain exposure into this expansive industry. The Covid-19 pandemic had a significant impact on this sector, but it is currently experiencing a resurgence with a newly transformed perspective. Learners may intern with restaurants, tour providers, events management companies, and more, affording them the opportunity to witness how the industry has pivoted and thrived in response to the changing societal landscape in the post-covid era.

What tasks will interns in hospitality, tourism and events undertake?

Projects may include researching locations, planning budgets, and engaging vendors for upcoming events, all accomplised remotely. They may also be involved in helping the company gain exposure to their events, products, and services through updating the website, building email marketing content, creating promotional content, or even devising travel itineraries. The possibilities within this field are extensive, and through remote internships, learners will gain firsthand exposure to the inner workings of an industry that is constantly evolving.

What skills will learners gain on a remote hospitality internship?

To prepare learners for success this sector, critical questioning, innovation, service, and continuous learning and improvement are essential. Challenges may arise at any time, necessitating dynamic adaptablity and resilience, all of which can be nurtured under the guidance of industry professionals. A strong ethic and teamwork skills are fundamental to succeed in this industry. Remote hospitality internships will prepare learners to effectively collaborate, problem-solve, and achieve project success in a global environment.

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