USD$ 1495 / GBP£ 1195 / AUD$ 2295

  On Your Own “Insight” Internships “Micro” Internships VIRTUAL INTERNSHIPS
Guaranteed Placement
Real-Life Work Projects
Supervisor Interaction
Mentorship & Coaching
Global Community of Interns
Work Reference
Academic Credit Optional


Payment for our Virtual International Internship program is received in two installments.

$750 Acceptance Fee


The acceptance fee is due at least 6 weeks prior to your chosen start date and confirms your participation on the program. As soon as the acceptance fee is received Virtual Internships will begin looking for your guaranteed host company placement to be confirmed 1-5 weeks prior to start date.

$745 Final Payment


Upon formally accepting your host company placement the final payment for the program will be due within seven days.





We have programs starting

You decide whether you prefer a

You decide between

every 2 weeks

1 , 2, 3, or 4 month

10, 20, or 30 hours

throughout the year


per week

Academic Credit Add-On


Students can decide to add-on 3, 6, or 9 credits to receive through their virtual internship program.

3 credits / 120 hours

6 credits / 240 hours

9 credits / 360 hours




$1895 in total

$2145 in total

$2345 in total